Zynga’s Mafia Wars celebrates an anniversary (or How I Lost My Man)

So Zynga recently announced the one year anniversary of Mafia Wars. According to the press release I read: “since its launch in June 2008, Mafia Wars has grown to more than four million daily active users; in the last three months, alone, the game has doubled the number of daily players”.  My man would be one of those users.

We both have Facebook accounts even though neither one of us wanted to (peer pressure is a terrible thing).  We discovered Scrabble and Scramble, and enjoyed playing against each other.  Then one day, amongst the requests to join somebody or other’s Vampire and/or Zombie group, he received an invitation to join someone’s Mafia.

It started off harmlessly enough.  In between our friendly games of Scramble, he would check on his Mafia Wars status.  It wasn’t long before he was checking on our Scramble games while playing Mafia Wars.  Before I knew it, the Scramble games were abandoned altogether.  I might receive a distracted kiss hello when he returned home from work before disappearing for hours to the office area of our bedroom where the laptop beckoned.  My best friend got into the game as well.  He wrote reviews on it for a gaming site.  Suddenly, the two of them were blabbing on the phone or via Facebook like a couple of 12 year old girls.  Conversations became peppered with phrases like “…and then the Ravioli King put me on the hit list, that bastard, so Chef Boyardee started attacking me and then the Cannolli punched me in the face…” I wasn’t worried.  At first.  He’ll soon get bored, like with Scrabble and Scramble.  Then I read the press release.  “In celebration of Mafia Wars’ one year anniversary, Zynga also launched Cuba, an entirely new destination, and extends the amount of time players can enjoy Mafia Wars…” (emphasis added).

And sure enough, El Cigarillo joined us for dinner.  Great.  Maybe he can quit his cumbersome job to free up some more hours to ignore his family and friends.  I have become a Mafia Wars widow.  Bill Mooney, an exec at Zynga states that they wanted to thank their loyal players by extending the game.  I want to know what do they plan on doing for their players’ loved ones?  Do we get extended couples counseling?Will they spring for the divorce lawyer?  Do the execs at Zynga have characters in the game, and will they allow us to put hits on them?  Can we put a hit out on the game itself?  Anyone going by the name of Da Hacker and willing to punch Mafia Wars in the face with a virus out there ?  Sigh.

Happy Anniversary Zynga.

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  • mikewj at toomanymornings

    Ah, another relationship ruined by the cyber world. I started to play Mafia Wars, but decided it and Facebook were a stupid waste of time. I still have an account because you're required to in order to retain your American citizenship, but I only check in on it about once a month.

    Now, of course, I'm just addicted to blogging.

    I really need to use my time more productively. Like to get some real friends, or write a book or something.

  • Oh Nicky! You were so young and sweet! Wait! You still are! WTF are Mafia Wars. No, don't tell me. I'd just have one more addiction if you do.

  • Ahhh, the good old days when I was young and sweet and totally traumatized by Mike telling me I couldn't swear 'cause otherwise people would hate us and send us nasty comments and get us kicked off the internet for life!

    You really don't want to know about Mafia Wars and the 12-step programme needed to stop playing it!

  • I have a Facebook account still…does this mean I can become an American citizen? I only check it when one of my 3 Facebook friends sends me a message though…about twice a year. Are there minimum quantities of friends and activity necessary?

    Real friends are overrated. Write the book instead. I promise to buy a copy as long as it doesn't cost more than $4.99 CDN. And I'll make all 3 of my Facebook friends buy it too.

  • You are still young and sweet, Nicky. And good and beautiful and brilliant. That said, Mike is a bit restrained, isn't he? I'm a little surprised that he was making you play power bottom though. Interesting!!

  • Michael! What are you talking about! Friends IRL telephone you and you have to act like you are glad to hear from them even if you are in the middle of commenting on one of your favorite blogger's post! They make demands on you like “oh let's have lunch!”. Damn! Use a half day away from my computer. Sure, that's going to happen! Do write a book though. I will buy a bunch of copies and give them to all my IRL friends and tell them “now do you see why I wasn't available to you?”.

  • Nicky, if you want to be a US citizen, maybe Alex and I can adopt you. Or marry you. Facebook is the stupidest thing ever. I have a page, because my dotter in law set me up with one but I don't see the point of it at all. It's ridiculous. “oh, I'm hungry”, “Me too! LOL!” “me 3! lol! Excuse me? Never using iit I think I have about 40 friends after 2 years. But I forgot, I'm older.


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