Stupid People

Fools vs Morons

Since We Work For Cheese is in its infancy, I’ve been working at setting up the basics, or more specifically SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While SEO is a science that takes some time to master, one must concentrate on content. The challenge is to write about something you’re interested in while also appealing to the masses. What do people want to read about? What are they searching for? That’s where Google Trends comes in.

Google Trends helps you to see where your topics lie in search popularity.  Since I had one of those weeks where (almost) every human being I encountered seemed to be missing a chromosome, I decided to have some fun with it. I was thinking to myself, are people getting dumber, or am I getting more impatient?

Let’s look at the data:


The trend dictates that Fools are prevalent in the first quarter of the year, so my recommendation would be to avoid people from January until April. This would explain bad winter drivers and that jerk that splashed me with slush last March.

fools search analytics


Not to be confused with Fools, Morons are a different sort. An encounter with a Moron can be anywhere from a guy who gives you useless directions, or a waiter that gets your order completely wrong by bringing you an ice cream when you asked for a steak. Interestingly, Morons haven’t had much popularity since the middle of the Bush Presidency.

morons trending


It’s too bad, but “Total Jerk” returned no values, so we’re going with Jerks. Anyone can see here that Jerks are on the rise, so be on the lookout for those inconsiderate people who cut you off and take your parking spot. Unless that person is you, since everyone knows that it’s ok to be a jerk, if you’re the one being the jerk.

jerks trending


Look at that constant wave of idiocy. There have been fluctuations over time, but looking at this trend we can expect idiots to be in our midst forever. Lock your doors!

idiots graph

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