The Walking Dead issueI love zombies. Zombie movies (Shaun of the Dead is a favorite), zombie books (World War Z changed my life!!), but more specifically, I LOVE The Walking Dead. What is The Walking Dead you ask? What freakin’ planet are you from I ask!!! The Walking Dead is an awesome monthly black and white comic about a group of survivors living in a world overrun with zombies, written by the very brilliant Robert Kirkman, and illustrated with awe-inspiring detail by Charlie Adlard.

Basically, the story revolves around Rick Grimes. He was a small town cop who wakes from a coma to find the world has gone to hell. You may think this sounds like a knock-off of the movie 28 Days Later, but let me assure you – it is soooo not. Unlike the movie, zombies are actually the least of the problem. The movie touched on the potential danger to survivors from other survivors who crack under the strain of a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead is a totally original and dark look at the human psyche in the face of such a world. It delves into the emotional pit that comes from being surrounded by constant death and horror. The good guys sometimes do bad things to survive. The bad guys always do worse things, not always to survive. If you really haven’t heard about this comic yet, check out their official website. I promise you, the artwork alone will blow your mind.

I’ve been a faithful fan for eons, so why only write about this now? Ok fine, because We Work for Cheese didn’t exist until now. I hope you get bit in the ass by a zombie. But also, because it was announced this week that AMC won the rights to make The Walking Dead into a television series. I nearly peed myself when I heard that. Not impressed? Well, Frank Darabont, you know that guy who directed a little film called The Shawshank Redemption, is just a zombie moan away from signing on as writer, director and executive producer. I did pee myself when I heard that. Did I mention Gale Anne Hurd is being linked to the series? You may have heard of a couple of low budget movies she’s produced; The Terminator, Aliens and Armageddon, to name a few. I just bought shares in Depends!!!

I LOVE ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!

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