Cheese In The News – Vol. 1

what kind of cheese could this be?MAN CUTS A DEAL, DOESN’T CUT THE CHEESE

This week’s news story on cheese comes from Aspen, Colorado,  where you don’t mess with another man’s cheese.

Jon Douglas Williams pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor false-imprisonment charge on Tuesday as part of a plea agreement.   In August, Williams was arrested for threatening his roommate with a knife.  The problem began when the roommate accused Williams of eating some of his cheese (he may as well have slept with the man’s wife and killed his dog, for the love of cheese!!)!  Williams retaliated by writing his roommate’s name on the packages of cheese (such a clever, cutting retort!  The man must be a nuclear physicist… or  a caddy)  This led to  heated arguing until the roommate, who appears to be Williams’ intellectual equal, pushed Williams over the edge by calling him stupid.  Williams then grabbed a kitchen knife, hence proving his roommate’s point.

Disclaimer:  The above summary of this news item was not actually quoted verbatim.  Any lack of impartiality, subjectiveness or opinion  you detect is solely that of We Work For Cheese and does not reflect the opinions of the journalist who originally wrote the story.   WWFC fully understands the overwhelming desire to hoard one’s cheese.  WWFC also completely understands the overwhelming desire to eat cheese, even if it’s not yours.  WWFC is a proud advocate of sharing the cheese and avoiding unnecessary bloodshed.  Share the cheese, man.  Share the cheese.

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