Tracking The Walking Dead With Google Maps

I’m pretty sure that we’ve mentioned it here before that we LOVE The Walking Dead series. The series is so good, that I could probably write a post a day on the subject and have enough material for 3 straight years. It’s that good.

The more I read The Walking Dead, the more I want to know. But you can’t know more than what Robert Kirkman has fed us so far, so we’re at his mercy from month to month. Personally, at the risk of overdosing on the series, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But then there’s Jason McDonald, a supremely dedicated fan who went beyond the call of duty and has plotted out the entire story so far using Google Maps. The Walking Dead takes place in real places in the U.S., so you can get a great bird’s-eye view of where our heroes have been, and where they’re headed. You can check out the whole map here, but here’s a sample in the meantime:

the walking dead google zombie map

The nice thing, is that the entire map is indexed so that you can zoom in on just about every single memorable event in the series so far. It’s a way to put the journey into perspective and having a visual aid like this only ratchets up the imagination factor by like, a billion! Try checking out the map using Google Street View while imagining zombies lurking in the Georgia kudzu. Creepy stuff. Thanks Jason!

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