You Want Me To Put The Fabric Softener Where Exactly?

Hey everyone, I’m back! Notice anything different about me? No? Well if you look closely and squint your eyes just right, you’ll see that I’m now the proud owner of a great little condo. Being realistic, it’s really the bank that’s the owner and I’m on the hook for years to come.  Still, I get to live in the place and pretend that it’s mine.

One of the best perks about this place (aside from my own Zen Garden) was that it came with all of the appliances already installed. They’re not brand new, but modern enough that the washer/dryer team are stackable and digital. Since I just moved in about 2 days ago, I reserved this morning to figure out how everything works, which is mostly a no-brainer. I mean, I KNOW how the fridge works, and the stove isn’t rocket science either. Sadly, and most embarrassingly, I was trumped by the washing machine.

A little back story:  I’ve just spent the last 10 years living in a cave (it was a crappy apartment) where I had to trek my laundry 6 blocks to the nearest laundromat. TEN YEARS. Everyone knows that a lot can happen technology-wise in ten years and washing machines are not immune to the zombiesque march of progress. Sadly, Jimmy The Laundromat Owner preferred to keep repairing the ancient Clothes Ruiners instead of upgrading them for new machines. Then again, industrial machines and household machines are two different animals, but I digress. Oh how I digress…

Back to my new friend: Mr. Samsung WF-B1254, a sweet little front loader with a completely insane control panel with lights and buttons and stuff. I was confused at first, but then thought back to my networking days, reaching back in my fuzzy memory. All the way back to well, yesterday, when I assembled my home network. And the week before at my job when I saved the planet and everything else network related. “Ha!”, I said. “Silly little washing machine isn’t going to fool me with its flashy lights!”

It was the little detergent drawer that got me.

I spent about 20 minutes staring at it, trying to figure out which of the three slots I should put my detergent into and which one to pour the fabric softener into.  Remember: I come from a place where you simply dump your detergent directly into the machine. Plus, I’m a man, i.e., we don’t ask for directions and we certainly don’t read user manuals. But I gave in and downloaded the manual. The sole reference to the detergent drawer was this image with the following instructions for first time use, without explaining each individual compartment.

samsung wf-b1254 detergent tray

1. Press the (On/Off) button.
2. Pour a little detergent into compartment (II) in the detergent drawer.
3. Turn on the water supply to the washing machine.
4. Press the Start/Pause button.

So, I ended up using (II) for my detergent and deduced that the little flowery thing was for the fabric softener. Pretty swift of me, no? (I) is still a mystery, but I don’t suspect to go all “high tech” on my laundry just yet.

In summary, I tried the old Detergent/Softener combination and the washing machine didn’t explode, nor did my clothes catch on fire. They did come out smelling nice though. Success.


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