Book Review: The Road

cormac mccarthy The Road coverI read Cormack McCarthy‘s The Road many weeks ago, or was it months ago? Either way, it’s been so freaking long since I read it that I may as well have never read it at all. That’s just the kind of memory I have.

Not a very promising way to start a review, huh?

Well, the partial draft of this book review has been sitting in our WordPress posts just waiting, begging for someone to write something. Anything! For the love of God, please write something! So I did, and I am. I’m going to say a few words about this book which I seem to remember as being awesome and blew my mind out the back of my skull (kinda like that dude who buys it from that other dude in No Country for Old Men, that other Cormack McCarthy masterpiece).

I’ve been thinking about The Road lately because the weather here has turned dark and gloomy. The beginning of Fall, when everything starts to die and the bone numbing chill begins to set in. The Road is like that, except everything is already dead, save for a few people. Our main characters, The Boy and The Man, are trying to stay alive in a post apocalyptic world where the sun shines no more and everything is grey and ashen. As depressing as it is, you can’t look away. The dialogue, stark as the cold and scorched land they travel, doesn’t let you go. This is a page turner like I’ve rarely experienced.

Another reason to bring up The Road so long after I’ve read it is because the film adaptation is being released this month. The Man will be played by Viggo what’s-his-name, aka Frodo, or was it Strider, from Lord of the Rings. Sorry, but in my mind, he got typecast. He’ll always be Frodo to me. I mean Strider.

The movie was actually delayed by many months which can mean one of two things: a) It’s going to be awesome or b) it’s going to suck monster moose cocks. I’m crossing my fingers for choice a.

Pick up this book and read it. It’s a true master stroke. I mean it.

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