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You may have noticed our new banner. Yes, I finally found something to replace that lame cityscape.  I was walking to work one morning when, just around the corner from the bar of deep and meaningful conversations, what do I spot on this abandoned, boarded-up garage?  Cheese graffiti.  Sigh.  I wept at the sheer beauty and power of the brush strokes, and the artist’s obvious emotional investment of colours demonstrating his profound and undying devotion to the succulent king of all foods.  I immediately recognized the artist’s portrayal of cheese as a symbol of life – after all, what is life but a wheel of cheese; turning endlessly, almost always smelly and sometimes full of holes?  And yet, the courage of the artist, proudly declaring that despite all that – maybe even because of all that – he loves life, loves cheese.  I am humbled.

What do you think?

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  • cannibal

    Love the banner

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