How Not To Diversify The Business

Old Dutch logo Since 1954So let’s say you’ve got a business.

Let’s say the business has been around for 50 years. Let’s also say your company name is synonymous with a household cleaning product. You’ve got healthy competition, but it’s not enough. Your cleaning products are good, but you need more market share. What does one do?

You start making potato chips.

Yeah, potato chips! ‘Cause that’s what they’re doing down at Old Dutch. Yes, Old Dutch: makers of fine caustic powder that’ll eat the flesh off your hands if you’re not careful.

Now before you get on my back about the health benefits of potato chips, let me ask you if you’d eat at a  restaurant called Toenails R Us.

You get the point.

Well let’s also say that you’re me and you never heard of Old Dutch Chips until now, but you decide to blog about them because you’ve only ever seen Old Dutch Cleanser. Well in that case, you end up with a blog entry that is completely unresearched, full of lies, and is basically me talking out of my ass.

Old Dutch hints for housewivesYou see the thing is, Old Dutch Foods have been around since 1934 (in Canada even! Who knew? Not I…), and Old Dutch Cleanser has been around since 1954, originally mined in Kern County, California. Yes indeed, that naturally occurring pumicite was sure good on them there sinks.

But we can’t go back now. The unpublish button broke a long time ago.

So let that be a lesson to all you young whippersnappers: Do your research and avoid embarrassing moments like these.


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