Stupid People

I Join The Ranks Of Stoopid Peepel

angry frustrated personSo, here I sit, checking out cheese news – verrrrry slow week – trying to figure out what I’d like to write about when suddenly it hits me.  I am soooooooooo stoopid.

Let me start by saying that I have had an extremely crazy busy week and weekend.  Work has been ridiculously hectic and I’ve been pulling regular 10+ hour days.  Friday night I was up until midnight writing a mid-term for one of my classes (I’m working on management and business diplomas at university on-line).  Saturday was shopping, housework, kids, more homework for my other class and today was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday.  I am the team leader of my “virtual” team for my project management class and we have a fast approaching deadline for our project, so I’ve been emailing my “staff” to delegate tasks, get status updates and basically crack the whip in between all the normal chores.  But none of this is an excuse for stoopidity.  And I was very stoopid.  Actually, I was Stoopid with a capital S.

I have known Mike, my fellow cheese-loving blogging partner and best friend, for a zillion years.  For those Lost fans out there, he is my constant.  We’ve been friends since high school.  He hates being in the spotlight, so let me tell you about him.  He plays the guitar, but won’t play Stairway to Heaven.  He kicks my ass at Scrabble.  I kick his ass at Scramble.  He fixes my computer problems for cheese.  I once gave him a hickey on his eye.  He flinches real easy.  He introduced me to The Walking Dead.   I can be a total bitch and he is still my friend.  I do something really, really stoopid – like not call him on his birthday – and he is still my friend…I hope.

Happy Birthday Mike.

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