I’m Not Afraid Of Flying Pigs

pink floyd flying PigI’ve been fortunate enough to be able to bike or walk to work just about every day since mid April. Today however, the dream died. The weather has tipped the scales in favor of Really Crappy, which is defined in my mind as either too wet or too cold for me on a bike.

So it’s back to public transit. And human germs!

I don’t even really have a problem with public transit. Love the subway, love the bus a whole lot less. But on the bus you get to look out the window. However, on the subway you’re warm and dry. Either way, it’s not a bad trade-off to hop on the bus and not have to worry about your car. Except for the germs!

What’s my point anyway?

Right. Being on the bus. Somehow, people seem more civilized on the subway. They sit or stand, get off, get on. On the bus you have more motion, less doors, more stops, less room. People revert back to their tribal selves when they’re on the bus. They’ll even push you into a pit of spears to get your seat. But the one thing they both have in common is that they’re both teeming with germs and H1N1!

Not like I’m paranoid about this whole pandemic thing or anything.

But yeah, all this to say that I’m not thrilled about storing my awesome bike away for the winter.


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