Why Do People Have To Be So…


Long story short, I was working late. When you work late, not much is open, so you’re pretty much screwed. Your back’s against the wall and you’re left staring at McDonalds (not in this life I won’t), Second Cup (they can’t even make coffee!), and Tim Hortons. Well, Tim’s makes an edible sandwich, but I really wanted a soup.

This isn’t even about the soup. It’s about the fact that I saw the guy put a spoon AND a knife in the bag with my soup. A knife. Like, I’ve heard about “soup so thick, ya need a fork for it!” But a knife? Come on.

And it’s a waste of plastic! Environmentally, my office garbage bin is a disaster and I didn’t need to add another sliver of plastic to it.


So I truck on back up the elevator to my office carrying my stupid lame-o minestrone soup while I mutter that people are so stupid sometimes. They just don’t think about the consequences of their actions. But I just want my soup at this point.

I remove the contents of the bag: Soup, a spoon, 2 pieces of wax paper (2! Idiots!). Then the knife, butter…and um…a nice warm bread roll…which was actually kinda delicious.

Shut up.


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