Color Me Pomegranate

Well it seems that pomegranates are the next fruit that you should be devouring in mass quantities. My local newspaper told me so, and it seems that pomegranate juice has a multitude of health benefits from preventing cancer to fixing that pesky erectile problem you’ve been having. Yes, you.

Whenever there’s a news report about the health benefits of a given fruit or vitamin, these products fly off the shelves. Without providing you with any cold, hard facts, I will predict that within 6 months you’ll be seeing Pomegranate Vitamin Supplements at your local pharmacy. This is the same story with Vitamin D and Acai berries. Yes, Acai berries, which you need to eat huge volumes of in order to achieve immortality. The same goes for pomegranates, which is the next super-fruit. And it’s been under our noses this whole time!

Seriously, no amount of super-fruit is an all in one cure for all of your ailments. You can get some perspective here, or continue to believe in the ever elusive elixir.

magic bulletStill, there’s nothing inherently wrong with fruit and their juice, which brings me to the Magic Bullet ™. I don’t know how people survived before the Magic Bullet. This thing juices like crazy, and in my opinion, is the greatest invention of the 21st century. Yes, it’s even better than the Swiffer and the Internet, but those inventions are so 20th century. Yeah, screw you, internet!

With the Magic Bullet, processing and consuming swimming pool amounts of pomegranate and acai juice is easy. But don’t limit yourself to just those fruits and berries. It’s so much fun, you can juice a lettuce in seconds. A tomato? Gone in a blink of an eye. Ever tried orange-broccoli juice? Well now you can!

So go. Run, don’t walk, and get a Magic Bullet. Go  juice your goldfish. I hear goldfish juice cures wrinkles.

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