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Flash Mobs Suck Unless It’s Zombies

I have to admit, the following video slayed me.

However, if I was the victim, I’d probably be pretty annoyed. Especially in the first couple of flash mob manifestations, because I have no doubt that the victim soiled himself, and that’s no way to start a day. Check them out:

I’m trying to see the unfunny in this, but I smile every time I watch it, so I guess I’m in the ‘hilarious’ camp.

In fact, most of the time, flash mobs ARE annoying and pretentious. I’m talking about the ones where a large group of people freeze in a train station, or park, and then just walk off after 3 minutes like nothing happened. THAT is annoying, and really serves no purpose. However, if your flash mob actually does something, the effects can be funny and engaging.

And if it has anything at all to do with zombies, well then we’re going to approve:

So what do you think? Funny, or annoying?

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