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Hello, I hope everybody had a Happy Halloween!

Now that you’re attuned to the letter ‘H’, let’s ask ourselves a question: How do you pronounce the letter ‘H’?

If you answered “AYCH”, you get a free Tootsie Roll.

If you answered “HAYCH”, well then, we really need to have a little talk.

It’s like this: The ‘H’ sound is silent when pronouncing the letter ‘H’ so there’s nothing else to talk about. How do we spell ‘Cheese’? CEE AYCH EE EE ESS EE. Simple.

Of course, every rule has its exception, so I’ll go easy on the Australians and New Zealanders who have a tendency to say ‘HAYCH’. But they say so many other hilarious things too, that they’re easy to forgive. Plus, they’re some of the most laid-back, easy going people I know. And they have Kangaroos and Kiwis! I just can’t stay mad at them because of that fact.

Now back to you North Americans who say ‘HAYCH’. You should know better. When I’m on the bus, and I hear someone say ‘HAYCH’, I exhale in the most exasperated way possible while rolling my eyes. Then I hand them the H Scrabble tile and say, “AYCH. It’s AYCH dammit!” Then I get off the bus and run away gleefully, my civic duty complete.

Seriously. It really bugs me when people say ‘HAYCH’. I’ve even managed to annoy myself by writing this post.


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