It’s Just Tuesday, Folks

fish confettiSo, I’m driving into work this morning and listening to the radio, singing along to something (Sittin’ at a Bar by Rehab, actually – love that tune…but I digress).  The song ends and the news comes on.  And this is where things get stupid.

The news report is about 8 women skiing to the South Pole.  Ok, an admirable feat.  The reason for their trek?  To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Commonwealth grouping of 53 former British colonies.  WTF?!  I waited for the announcer to start laughing and say “just kidding” but he never did.

I thought to myself, how sad that these 8 women needed that pathetic excuse of an anniversary to justify this foray into the Great White.  Then I thought, how many other pathetic excuses for “special” days could there be?  Was it possible that this was their only option?

I did some research.  November is Aviation Month, Child Safety and Protection Month, Good Nutrition Month, International Drum Month, Latin American Month, National Adoption Month, National Epilepsy Month, National Model Railroad Month, and Peanut Butter Lover’s Month.  This week alone contains National Cashew Day, Zachary Taylor’s birthday, JFK Jr’s birthday, Woody Woodpecker’s birthday, Charles Schulz’s birthday, National Cake Day, Thanksgiving (US), Pins and Needles Day, Mark Twain’s birthday, and the anniversary of the opening of King Tut’s tomb.

Things that immediately sprang to my mind:  why a whole month for peanuts, but only a day for cashews?, Woody Woodpecker’s birthday?…he’s not REAL!!, and really? Pins and needles…some idiot really thought of that???  Other idiots really went along with it????

From Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we have degenerated to Magazine Day, Toothache Day , and (I kid you not) Wear Brown Shoes Day.

People, it’s ok for it to just be Tuesday.  I promise.  Nothing bad will happen if we don’t assign some ridiculous item to every single day of the year.  Actually, it would appear that most days have multiple ridiculous items assigned.  And being more selective can only add to the credibility of the real days when we should be honouring something – like National Cheese Day (June 4th ).

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