Stupid People

A Million Degrees Below Zero…

…is what the temperature was today in my neck of the woods.  That would be Celsius by the way.  That would be -1,800,000,032 degrees Fahrenheit.  Actually, when I attempted to use a temperature conversion site to find out what -1,000,000,000 Celsius is in Farenheit, I got the following message: Your input cannot be below absolute zero.  Basically, this means it is stupid cold out there.  Just thinking about going outside immediately causes your brain to freeze.

So imagine my surprise this morning, after putting on every piece of clothing I own, I get into my icebox – I mean car – and attempt to back out of my driveway and nearly back over a CYCLIST!!  WTF??  900 feet of snow on the ground, negative 1M degrees, and this ridiculous man is riding a bike!!!  On my street!!!!!

I thought I had seen stoopid in all its many, many forms.  I was wrong.

UPDATE:  We had 400 more feet of snow overnight.  The cyclist was there again this morning.  This time, I didn’t almost back over him.  🙂

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