Anyone Can Make Stupid Xmas Cookies

Yesterday officially marked the beginning of the holidays. To begin with, I had my first pot luck dinner to go to and secondly, I took the day off work to whip up something for said pot luck. I didn’t really need the whole day, but you know those personal days don’t carry over to next year. Gotta use ’em or lose ’em, you know?

I checked in with trusty and found a nice recipe for cranberrypistachio biscotti. I’ve never made biscotti before, but it didn’t seem so hard. In fact, it was easier than I thought and if you want the recipe for yourself, you can find it here. I ended up substituting the pistachios for almonds, and it worked out just great:

homemade biscotti recipes

homemade biscotti


Fast forward to the pot luck: The main courses are all done and they start bringing out the desserts. There I am, all proud of my awesome biscottis. The guests like them too so I couldn’t be happier.

Until they brought out the Christmas Cookies(tm)

Yes. The Christmas Cookies(tm). You see, this dude at the pot luck baked a huge plate of cookies in the shapes of stars, moons, and elves. I’m pretty sure there was also a replica of the Mona Lisa in there somewhere.

It was audacious.

First the oohing and ahhing began, then the cameras came out. Then the squeals of, “oh, they are so SO good!” Yes, Christmas Cookies(tm) became the star of the show while Awesome Biscottis had to run off backstage to fix her streaming mascara.

So, I tried one of those stupid Christmas Cookies. Then I tried another. And another. And lemme just try one of those little crescent shaped ones. And well, you get the picture. They were freaking delicious! Perfect stupid bite-sized cookies. Soft and tender and baked into amusing shapes.

Still, my biscottis were pretty amazing too, you know.

Merry Xmas everyone!

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