I Got The Freaking Flu Shot

star trek hypospray gunFine. I did it. I got the damn flu shot. You can stop pestering me about it now, ok?

It was the weirdest thing. I was on my way to work, with no intention of getting the flu shot, walked into the convention center on the way to the subway, saw the sign for the clinic, and just walked up the stairs to this massive (empty) waiting room. The apocalyptic rush of vaccination candidates had died down weeks ago, so I just breezed through.

The whole experience felt like the inside of a propaganda machine orchestrated by the government. Which it was, of course, and I’m not even really big on conspiracy theories. It was just a creepy experience.

I was made to sanitize my hands, fill out a form, give my consent, and watch a 10 minute video with poor acting on how the flu is spread. Then, after all that, I was injected with nanoprobes that will track my every movement. Those bastards.

Maybe it was the fact that the experience was so impersonal that it made it feel like a leap of faith. I mean, if my family doctor had given me the flu shot, I’d be all like, “Sure, go ahead! We’re old pals! Don’t forget the glove! Nudge nudge!” At the mega vaccination clinic, I felt like cattle.

My arm hurts.

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