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Beggars Can Be Choosers…Apparently…

When it comes to charity, we all know that the right time to give is now. Thanksgiving and the holiday season are apt times to give, but we know that there are always people in need all year round.

Every year I give something to a variety of organizations. I give clothes, computers and money. I have friends who organize marathons for breast cancer and children’s hospitals, which I support and donate to. I’ve also donated to various social services as well as volunteered my time and technical skills. I’ve given for Haiti.

Which is why it pisses me off when I bring a T.V. to a local charity (who I won’t name here) and they tell me, “we’re only accepting flat screen T.V.’s”


That’s just about as lame as the time that I offered some fruit to a panhandler outside the grocery store, but instead of accepting, he looked inside my grocery bag and said, “ya got any cookies in there?”

I didn’t. So I walked away and didn’t give him anything.

The T.V. that I offered was not a humongous black and white furniture beast from the 1950’s. It was a 20″ colour T.V., with a remote control, but sadly, NOT THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY.  And yes, while LCD and Plasma is all that’s manufactured today, the policy on flat screen T.V.’s just seemed so…specific.

Who knows. Maybe their volunteers don’t want to do any heavy lifting. Maybe they save money on fuel by not transporting heavy T.V.s. Hey, maybe they only want a T.V. that can catch channels in HD.

I don’t buy it, but that’s just me. Discuss.

The Salvation Army however, did offer to come pick it up for me in two weeks.


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