It’s A Book Review. You Got A Problem With That?

A friend of mine recently lent me Tyler Knox’s Kockroach to read for the sole purpose that it’s full of 1940’s lingo. He said I’d dig it for that reason alone and he was right. It’s the kind of book where everybody talks like dis, see?

The book is about dis here cockroach called ‘Kockroach’. Kockroach, he wakes up in a dingy New York City hotel and finds hisself somehow transformed into a hideous, revolting and disgusting creature. A full grown man. Got that?

Say, that reminds me. You ever read The Metamorphosis by that mook Franz Kafka? Well it’s nothing like that trash! This here is 1940’s New York with dames and broads and guys named Mite who say things like, “If you gots the spinach, I’ll gets us some grub. Say, you want I gets us some shrimp?”

Now Kockroach here, he’s out of his element. He’s ascared at first cuz cockroaches, they don’t like humans so much. They’re more used to avoiding the bottom of their shoes, you know? Still he ventures out into the armpit of New York City.  But Kockroach he’s now a man, but still a cockroach, if you gets my drift. They can adapts to all kinds of situations, see? And he do he does.

He hooks up with this here Mite who I mentioned in the third paragraph, or did you miss that part? What’s that? Well get your fingers outta your ears and pay some attention!

Anyways. Mite. (They call him Mite, on account of his size). He’s just a little guy trying to make it big on the Square. You know? Times Square? In the Big Apple? Well soon enough our friend Mite shows Kockroach the ropes and they start palling around with the big boys.

But don’t take my word for it, Sweet Pea. Read it yourself if youze into that kinda thing.

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