Last Year’s Admirable Few

Le CendrillonOk, this time for real. It’s time to let go of 2009 for good. But before we do, here are a few people who we’d like to salvage from the wreckage:

Captain Chesley Sullenberger – January 2009 was actually a hopeful month. Dubya ended his term, the promise of change was in the air, and Captain Chesley Sullenberger landed his Airbus A320 on the Hudson river, saving the lives of all 155 passengers. Like a true captain, Sully checked to make sure everyone was safely off the sinking plane, twice (!) before grabbing the log book and exiting himself. A year later, we have nothing but respect for this man who displayed tact, calm, and well, he landed a freaking airplane on a river!

Dr. Paolo Zamboni – After his wife became ill with Multiple Sclerosis, Dr. Zamboni’s research became personal. He found that MS appeared to be a vascular disease as opposed to an autoimmune condition. During his research, Dr. Zamboni made a mind-imploding discovery: more than 90 percent of his subjects with MS had blocked arteries. Performing a procedure similar to an angioplasty, Dr. Zamboni cleared the blocked arteries. The result? The symptoms went away. Further, out of 65 test patients, 73 percent (!) had no symptoms 2 years later. Needless to say there’s still a lot of debate over this as MS is often treated with powerful drugs and chemotherapy. Dr. Zamboni’s procedure could eliminate that.  The pharmaceutical industry is not impressed.  You can find the original article here

Baroness Elaine Murphy – You’ve all heard about Tennis Elbow and Athlete Foot, right? How about Guitar Nipple? It seems that this is a real condition, possibly caused by playing guitar shirtless, which was common in the 1970’s. Well Baroness Elaine Murphy, a doctor and member of Britain’s House of Lords, thought it would be fun to invent another musical ailment which she termed ‘Cello Scrotum’, i.e., chafing “down there” as a result of playing the cello. The thing is, she submitted it to the British Medical Journal. The other thing is, it got published. The other, other, thing is, students were citing her work…34 years later! When she realized this, she outed herself and everyone had a good laugh. So yes, how can you not admire this woman? Plus I get to say scrotum and nipple. In the same post!

Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard – Robert Kirkman for writing the apocalyptic The Walking Dead series, and Charlie Adlard for so brilliantly illustrating it. Month after month, I wait for the next issue. And I’m not even into comic books per se, just that this one simply hooked me because it’s that good. If you like the zombie genre, this is for you (and you probably know about it). And if you don’t like zombies…what do you mean you don’t like zombies?

Stephen King – For putting out over 20 titles in the last decade: Novels, short stories and e-books. Last year, I lost count. Let’s just say he was getting on this list no matter what. We must admire those who entertain us.

Quebec Cheese – How can WWFC not honor cheese? Quebec goat cheese Le Cendrillon (pictured above) won the grand prize, no, not just the grand prize, but the Best Cheese of the World title at the World Cheese Awards in the Canary Islands. Yay cheese!

Us – We also admire ourselves for getting off our butts and finally putting a blog together.

So 2009 had some redeeming qualities after all. Onward…to 2010!


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