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Win The Ultimate Cheese!

Due to the overwhelming numbers of comments in my last post, I offer you fans a way to win my most prized possession: A Munster that Vercingetorix carried under his armpit in the battle of Alesia (drooling…mmmm). But you must be worthy of it! I won’t give away the Holy Grail of Cheese to punks! The first person who answers correctly all of the questions below will be the next Guardian. Good luck! Now look at this picture and concentrate…

they all look the sameYou ready? Here goes…

1. How many girls in the picture?

2. Who is the teacher in the picture?

3. How many sets of male twins are there?

4. Who smoked a joint?

5. How many are depressed?

6. Who just cut the cheese?

Good luck again. May the worthy step forward.

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