Brave New Parka

Some people might want to smack me, but winter doesn’t bother me that much. When February comes around, I become stupidly optimistic in the face of sub-zero temperatures, for the sole reason that there’s more sun and the days begin feeling longer. March snowstorms? It’s milder, the snow is softer, and it melts like cream cheese on the warm pavement.

So tells us, what does bother you about winter?

Your Canada Goose jacket, that’s what.

It’s warm, it’s stylish, and it’s fucking everywhere!
canada goose parka
If you’re not in the know, this is a Canada Goose jacket. It’s a quality coat, and it’ll keep you from freezing your ears (ass) off, no doubt about that. And I have nothing against dressing appropriately for the weather. It’s just that from a visual standpoint, society has reached its saturation point with regards to the Canada Goose parka and its accompanying logo. On every street corner you can spot at least three. It’s on every bus, in every cafe, and on every subway. I spotted 5 in my office alone. They come in a variety of colors, but the majority of people have chosen black.  I probably would have as well, if I were a robot.

The last time I saw so many people wearing the same thing was in grade 4 when every kid had a t-shirt with Fonzie on it saying “Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” (including me).

Or maybe I’m wrong about the whole thing and everyone is buying these parkas as “The Last Coat I Will Ever Buy”. They are simply being practical.

Somehow I doubt it.

I think that if Aldous Huxley were alive today, he’d be pissed. He’d point a crooked finger in the general direction of society and declare, “See? I told you so! You have lost your individuality!” (In Brave New World, old clothes were thrown out. Mending was not an option.)

Welcome to the future.


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