Give Me My Medal Already!

curling rock

So Canada has a whopping 5 Olympic medals to date, with 2 of them being gold.  Historic, seeing as Canada has never won a gold medal on home turf, so to speak.

Needless to say, this has caused quite a stir amongst Canucks.  It’s been the office water cooler conversation all week.  Personally, I’ve never really followed the Olympics.  Don’t get me wrong, I like sports.  Well, certain sports.  OK, football.  I also enjoy hockey when it is a real competitive match between serious rivals who passionately hate each other.

Today’s conversation was about curling.  It would appear the Canadian men’s curling team is in first place, at the moment.  The Canadian women’s team is tied for first.  The excitement is palpable.  I guess.

When asked, I had to admit to not getting it.  I admitted I don’t understand the basic principles behind this sport.  When pressed, I admitted I don’t understand that this is even considered a sport.  You can imagine the bedlam that ensued.  I was told in no uncertain terms “Curling is challenging and very strategic”.  My response “Somebody throws something while someone else sweeps.  Sounds like what I go through every Saturday morning.  Nobody’s ever given me a medal for it.”  One would think I said I perform ritual animal sacrifices for Satan every weekend by the dismayed looks I received.  I tried to end the conversation by reiterating that I just don’t get it and probably never would.  This did not end the conversation.  My Farmville colleague replied “You know what sport I never got?  Rugby.  I just don’t understand rugby.  I don’t like it at all”.  It was my turn to be amazed.  “What’s not to understand?!  It’s a GREAT game!  You try to kill the guy with the ball because he has the ball!  It’s really very simple”.

That ended the conversation.  Finally.

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