No Cure For The Common Teenager


I never intended to write about my kids.  To quote the very talented blogger, redheadranting, I didn’t want to become a “mommy blogger”.  Even as I write it, I shudder!  Really, I mean it.  Mommy blogger (shudder).  See?

For a while now, though, my oldest son Jake  has plagued my thoughts.  That’s him in the picture.  More precisely, that’s him trying to avoid me taking a picture of him.  He’s a very cool, very funny kid and we have had some pretty hilarious conversations.  I tell you with total honesty and modesty, he gets his sense of humour from me.  I often apologize to him for not passing off my humour genes to his other brothers instead.

Recently, Jake’s sense of humour has undergone some very noticeable changes.  A few days ago, I walked into the kitchen where he was leaning against the counter, drinking some juice and looking very reflective.  He turned to me and asked “Mom, would the plural of penis be penii?”.

For my birthday, he gave me a card on which he had lovingly inscribed this heartwarming thought “You know, 41 is even older than 40”.

My 2 year old calls Jake “Lut”.  Where he gets Lut from Jake is beyond all of us.  But that’s what he calls him.  Lut.  He also likes to look at the pictures hanging on the wall and point out brother Lut in each photo.  One day, Jake points to himself in the picture and says “Hey Mom, look!  It’sssssLut.”

Now, I’ve never been a teenage boy.  I have no point of reference here to work from.  So I need to ask:  is this permanent?  Will he outgrow it?  And most importantly, what is the plural of penis?  Penises?

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