So Many Possibilities, So Little Time

tombstone with a cross

One of my courses this semester is Fundamentals of Public Relations.  This week’s assignment:  write a celebrity obituary for someone still living.  I like homework where I get to kill off someone.  Especially a rich and famous someone.

I immediately thought of the usual suspects, like Amy Winehouse, the Gosselins, Pete Doherty, Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods…there are just so many to choose from!  I just couldn’t decide and even considered having all these celebs die at the same Hollywood party from bad sushi.  Or maybe too many bubbles in the champagne.  It wouldn’t even feel like homework.  Alas, I can only kill off one.

Ok, so here’s the criteria:  Living celeb, under 40, someone who’s death would be a total shock, and someone who’s career milestones I could list in their obit.  That immediately disqualifies several of my favourite candidates.  Being arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour is not considered a career milestone.  Neither is a boob job.

I put the question to my man and he came back with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Not a bad suggestion, but I think I may not be the only one to kill him.  So, I decided to put the question to you, blog reader.  Who should I kill and how should they die?

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  • Interesting project. I’m stumped. Killing people off kinda of freaks me out. Unless it’s a Republican, of course.
    .-= injaynesworld´s last blog ..injaynesworld it’s a kick-ass "Sunday Recap…" =-.

  • Hmmm…any famous living Reps under 40? I could be convinced to kill them off 🙂

  • Hmmm…any famous living Reps under 40? I could be convinced to kill them off 🙂

  • I wanted to come up with someone for you, but my mind went immediately blank. I don’t know if it really qualifies, but I think it would be the most fun to do it about Bart Simpson. Maybe he could be killed by his friend Millhouse in a murder suicide. I’m not trying to protect real people, I’m just a cartoon fan.
    .-= Ratty´s last blog ..My New Bird =-.

  • Thanks for the effort Ratty, but if I was going to kill a cartoon, I think I would choose someone more annoying, like a Powerpuff girl. Oh well…
    the search continues.

  • “We Work For Cheese” has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

    .-= FishHawk´s last blog ..Sites To See =-.

  • Jen

    Any of the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus. Drug overdose of course. Or Miley could have miltiple personality disorder and have one of her alters lead her to the skanky part of town where she is murdered.

    I can’t believe I just wrote something so horrible. I’m really not a mean person, even if I am a republican.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..What Does This One Mean? =-.

  • FishHawk – It’s one of my favourite images! Thanks for including us.

    Jen – I love the Miley Cyrus idea! I had touched on it in a previous blog post and then forgot all about it! http://weworkforcheese.com/2009/12/ive-seen-the-future/
    I guess great minds think alike…even if one of said minds is a republican. 🙂

  • Thanks for stopping by, as you can see I have been stuck at my blog for the last few days, so no time to visit much. I sure appreciate the feedback. Also I totally forgot to put your blog in my favorite links. I will do it now. Not being in EC and Adgit anymore I don’t get to see the widgets as easily anymore, so I can just go down my fav list and of course WWFC is one of my favs 🙂

    Hmm as far as whose Obit how about that couple from the Hills, the one who just got 10 plastic surgeries in one day, damn forgot their names. OH OH Spencer and Heidi Pratt. You can do them both LOL
    .-= Man Over Board´s last blog ..Women, how can they be so….. =-.

  • Thanks MOB, the feeling is mutual and your site looks fantastic! Great suggestion, how ironic would it be if they died from complications resulting from all their surgeries? Or maybe a Botox overdose? I think the only issue I would have is attempting to put together their list of career milestones…I don’t think The Hill qualifies. 🙂


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