Cheese In The News – Vol. 7

assorted cheese pictureCinderella First Lost Her Slipper, Now Loses Her Crown

Well, the results are in for the 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest held in Wisconsin, and Quebec’s Le Cendrillon, winner of the 2009 World Cheese Award, is not the winner. The honour goes to Swiss Cheesemaker Cedric Fragniere’s Gruyere.  It is described as having a “creamy texture and light hint of herbs”. Second place also went to a Swiss. Andeer Sennerei took second place with a smear-ripened hard cheese called an Andeerer Traum. I love cheese, but I must admit that a cheese described as “smear-ripened” makes me uneasy.

Yet Another Reason To Hate The iPhone

Ken Aversano and his wife, Diane, actually sculpted Steve Jobs’ face out of a block of mozzarella. How many ways can I call these people stupid? Now, you may be thinking “Wait a minute…didn’t you applaud Prudence Staite for her cheese art in a previous post?” Yes, yes I did. She actually created art (ok, art and a bust of Obama, but that’s beside the point!) She isn’t a Mac lover trying to get attention, and a free upgrade.  I’ve got nothing against Macs, but I do hate the iPhone with an unnatural passion. Sigh. I’m sure there’s an app for that.

Having Trouble Figuring Out Which Wine To Serve With Your Cheese?

Well, I live to wreak havoc, so let me now add to your insanity by telling you that you can also pair it with BEER! Alright, I’ll put you out of your misery.  Here’s a video that suggests which beer goes with which cheese.

I offer the following disclaimer: I have not tried the suggestions offered in the video. I have tried beer. Repeatedly. I have tried cheese. In copious amounts. I enjoy both. I have never tried them together. I do not necessarily endorse this video. I do, however, endorse cheese. I also, thoroughly, endorse beer. (I may have had several dozen while writing this blog) If you follow their guidelines and it sucks, it is not my fault. If you follow their guidelines and you love it, you owe me. Big. Very big. I have a Paypal account.

And I know people.

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