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futuristic eyeThis weekend, my oldest son invited his girlfriend and a couple of friends over to spend the weekend. I had 5 teenagers and a toddler all weekend. All. Weekend.

Actually, I must say that my son and his friends are really good kids. I must say it because they read this blog from time to time.

Seriously, they are polite and helpful. They helped my put away $300 worth of groceries. Directly from the grocery bag into their stomachs! I think one of them may not have even removed the wrapper from the…well, I don’t really know what it was, because it was gone that quickly and he ATE THE WRAPPER! Then he said thanks.

They are awesome about letting the toddler hang out with them. And that is a blessing, since I spent most of the weekend cooking, cooking, cooking, washing dishes, cooking and washing dishes.

I have totally digressed though. I had a story I wanted to tell! I started by saying that the oldest had friends over. One of said friends brought over some of his video games. My second son was playing one of the games and was literally stuck at a door on a certain level. So, the friend explained what my son had to do. Of course, it’s totally obvious where my mind went.

Son: “It’s stuck”

Friend: “Push it”

Son: “Oh, I was pulling”

Friend: “No, you have to push it”

Son: “No wonder it was stuck. I was pulling it instead of pushing it!”

Friend: “That’s what she said”

Which is, of course, when I thought of Moooooog over at Midget Man of Steel. I think I need to spend more time in the real world.

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