The Quest For Cotswold

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Our previous post had something to do with risking one’s life for a Double Gloucester, which ties in perfectly with our latest cheese review. We’ve been planning to try Cotswold for months, and it just happens to be a Double Gloucester as well. Many thanks to Jayne for repeatedly name dropping Cotswold in her comments!

Neither myself or co-blogger Nicky had ever tried Cotswold, so the mission was on: buy it, eat it, review it.

Finding Cotswold was another story.

I started by scoping out the grocery store chains, but none of them had it. I looked up some local Fromageries and found that one Maison du Fromage was in Nicky’s neck of the woods. You’d think that with a name like that (House of Cheese) they’d have everything. In her words, “When I asked for Cotswold, they looked at me like I had just grown another head.” Suddenly House of Cheese didn’t sound so great. More like Shack of Cheese.

I found our Cotswold at the downtown market. They have 3 cheese shops there, but you have to “take a number” at Store #1 and that annoys me more than having to wait in a line. Store #2 had a bunch of helpful staff who were more than happy to help and found our Cotswold in about 10 seconds. It was on sale too: 3 for $14.99 CDN. I went with just one.

A little background: Cotswold is a firm English Double Gloucester cheese. Double Gloucester just means that the cheese is made with whole milk. Double Gloucester becomes Cotswold when chives and spring onions are added to it.  Although we ate it “au naturel” Cotswold will also melt well, like cheddar does, so you can easily cook with it and add it to a quiche or something.

So how did taste already?

It was excellent of course! Mild, with little accents from the onions and chives. It’s a firm cheese, but softer than cheddar, and not crumbly. That’s the Double Gloucester effect. A Single Gloucester is a skim milk cheese which would be crumblier. The whole milk also makes it very filling!  Between 4 of us eating it with whole wheat baguette, we didn’t finish the whole round. The last tiny wedge was left for Phil, our gracious host, who stuffed us with a homemade Indian main course.

We hear you yelling at us, Jayne.  Next time, we promise to totally hog the Cotswold and not leave any for anyone else.  🙂

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