But What About The Zombies?

It’s time for zombie time!

Whenever we describe our blog to someone, we usually suffix our description with “…and zombies!”, and we know what you’ve all been thinking: where the hell are those zombies?!

It’s been ages since we’ve talked about anything zombie related. It’s just been cheese, cheese, cheese, which is fine and all, but sometimes you need some zombies to keep you on your toes. When you think about it, if milk was a zombie, it would be cheese. Most likely it would be blue cheese. I’m thinking about this in the same way that pickles are actually undead zombie cucumbers.

The Best Kind of ZombieWalking Dead 71

Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead #71 FINALLY came out yesterday after waiting for it for 2 months. Usually it’s a once a month zombie love fest, but Kirkman’s been busy working on the upcoming TV adaptation. The pilot will be out sometime in October of this year, with 5 episodes following. We’ve mentioned it here before, but Frank Darabont will be directing. Yay zombies!

So if you like zombies, even if you’re not a comic book fan (graphic novel if you’re snooty), read it. It’s actually the only illustrated thing I read.

The Worst Kind of Zombie

Since we’re talking about zombies, let’s talk about hockey fans. Yes, the undead drones of cheering zombies that descended on our city center to celebrate Montreal’s impossible 7th game victory over Washington last night. Most of them shambled along Ste-Catherine street. Some tried to incite a riot and broke shop windows. Others threw bottles at the riot police. One zombie fan pickpocketed another zombie fan and stole their insulin pump in the process.

Bad zombie!

I just don’t know what some people are thinking. When they get the zombie sports fan euphoria bug, some do tend to really turn into mindless idiots. It makes me hope (almost) that our team gets eliminated in the next round. I don’t get how joy translates into violence and destruction. Right…I was talking about zombies. Of course.

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