Raindrops On Roses Suck…

…monster moose cocks! (Warning: this blog will contain coarse fucking language. Lots of it.)

Ok, I was going to be all serious and shit about how life has been extremely crazy the last few weeks and how I’ve been dealing with huge stress at work. I was going to write about ways to effectively manage stress.

Fuck that.

I have been in one of two moods over the past month: pissy or pissier. I’ve had a tough time being inspired to write, and an even tougher time actually writing when I’ve managed to find inspiration. I wasn’t even enjoying reading my favorite blogs as much. And that sucks. ‘Cause you guys are awesome. You know who you are.

I tried a few things to relax. Drinking. Sex. Devouring ridiculous amounts of chocolate. Nothing was working. The last straw was Tuesday. Lost was on. I found myself watching it with a grim determination to enjoy it. Fucked up, right? I decided then and there, enough was enough.

When life is total shit and I can’t even enjoy reading, writing and Lost, I know it is time to bring out the big guns.

leopard shoes

These are my favourite shoes. I wear them two, maybe three times a year. They are my “do NOT fuck with me” shoes, because in these shoes, I CAN and WILL make you cry. They are NOT to be taken lightly.  They make me feel tall, sexy and most importantly, like I can KICK ANYONE’S ASS.

What are your favourite things?

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