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It’s been quite a challenge trying to figure out what to write about after posting Jake’s speech. I mean, really, how exactly does one follow that up with cheese news, or something equally silly? Well, I figured the only way would be to do so with a “no holds barred” approach. So, here it is. Everybody’s been talking about a certain person who I can no longer stand hearing about. You know who I’m talking about. She was voted off a “celebrity” lack-of-talent show just a couple of weeks ago. She’s got more kids than the old woman who lived in a shoe. She recently had someone write her book for her. Yup, her.

She just wants me to know. Really? Well, Blondie, now that you’re no longer so busy, maybe you could provide a few details regarding what I want to know about you. Are you ready? Because I really want, no, need to know this about you. Deep breath. Here goes. What I want to know about Kate Gosselin:


Yup, I followed up Jake’s brilliant post with my worst post ever. I’m sure he’s so proud.

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