There Once Was A Man From…oh whatever

As I sit here on my terrace enjoying a perfect dusk with a cold beer, I find it hard to muster up the same frustration I felt during the working week and summarize the events that annoyed the crap out of me. In fact, it was a pretty good week even though my colleagues piss me off to no end (ok, it’s one guy). That’s why I’m going the easy route: the week in review, in poem format.  Besides, I’m heading out with a friend and don’t have time for a long post. So here you go:

5 days, 3 limericks, 2 haiku’s.

I have this new colleague to train
Who I think has a very small brain
But I’m still to be trainin’ him
It is vacant, his cranium
He is going to make me insane!

My boss does not have a clue!
Her voice sounds like a kazoo!
She axed my vacation!
She should be on probation!
And I’m still getting over the flu!

My clients are great!
But they are so demanding!
I do circus tricks!

We have procedures!
More than you can imagine!
Who came up with these?

My colleague smells worse than sasquatch
His shirt has this 3 day old blotch
He talks for attention
It should go without mention
That he needs a good punch in the crotch!

Phew! That was hard work (not). I’m going to have another beer.

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