What Would You Like To Know?

When we started WWFC, there were a few ground rules:

  1. I wasn’t allowed to say that something or someone sucked monster moose cocks
  2. We weren’t going to talk about ourselves – at least, not in a way that wasn’t relevant
  3. We were going to remain anonymous – which means no telling friends and family about the blog so we can say what we want, about who we want, whenever we want and not risk hurting anyone’s feelings.
  4. I wasn’t going to talk about my kids
  5. No being snarky to people who comment, even if they are snarky first

I think I may have mentioned that I can’t follow instructions. Well, I also have issues with rules. So, needless to say, I have broken all five of those rules. (In my defense, co-blogger Mike broke rule #1 first. That was just a green light as far as I was concerned, although I do consider rules to be a series of long yellow lights to begin with. But I digress.) In any case, Mike has handled my rule-breaking with considerable good grace.

Recently, we were given an award that asked us to share a certain number of things about ourselves. I immediately thought “But that goes against rule # 2! Cool.” But I did restrain myself. Then I visited Katherine over at Shoot Me Now. She had a “Your Story” post, where she shared a bit about herself and asked her readers to do the same. A lovely idea! I thought maybe it could be an interesting way to break rule #2, sort of, but not really because I could ask people to share stuff about themselves which would sort of make it relevant. Then I started thinking about which secrets I would divulge.  Which got me to thinking about a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about what I wanted to know about a certain “famous for no apparent reason” person. And then epiphany struck.

Ok, readers, what would you like to know? You can ask myself, and/or co-blogger Mike and/or co-blogger Jepeto any question you like and we will answer honestly. The only condition: no last names ’cause that would push Mike over the edge. Other than that, NO RULES! (Yay!). Also, if none of you want to know anything about us, that’s ok. We won’t be offended. I will, however, tell you that you suck monster moose cocks. 🙂 

The floor is yours, folks…

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