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I recently wrote about my tattoos, albeit as a small part of a larger post. MikeWJ, my favourite skeleton ever, asked about my tattoos, their significance, the circumstances that led to getting them and why I stopped getting them. MikeWJ is kinda nosey.:-) In any case, I answered all the questions and mentioned that I hadn’t consciously stopped getting tattoos. I just hadn’t found the right one yet. Silly me, I said I was open to suggestions! What was I thinking? He suggested Elvis on a unicorn jumping over a rainbow. It took me 2 days to stop smacking my own head. My lovely Linda came up with a spiritual Brie. And nobody, except Linda, knows what that means. And she was being unusually coy about sharing. It was all pretty funny, until Jen wrote the following:”You can’t do that in the blogosphere, that isn’t fair. You already shared it
with us, now we are all part of the experience. It won’t just be Nicky who
gets the brie tat it will be all of us

Yes, a lightbulb actually went off in my head. Although, shouldn’t that be went “on” in my head? Either way, I had an idea.


 I want another tattoo, and I want to include all of you in the experience. So, I invite you all to submit your suggestions. Submit as many as you like. Now, I don’t want to hamper your creativity, so it can be anything as long as you keep it clean. I have kids and a job. I’d like to keep them. Most days. Some days, not so much. Sorry, I digress.If you’re feeling even slightly artistic, please email me a drawing. I won’t scoff at anything (well, except Elvis on a unicorn jumping over a rainbow – sorry BoneyMike!). Everything (non-smutty) will be considered. Depending on how many suggestions I get, I’ll either post them all or shortlist some for you all to vote on.   C’mon folks, I’ve been uninspired about body art for more than 5 years now! I need your help.  Seriously. Hell, I’ll even video myself getting it done so “It won’t just be Nicky who gets the brie tat it will be all of us.” So, who’s going first…?

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  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings

    Simply lovely. And, yes, that sounds like a compliment to me. Or a diversion to keep you from wondering why he's so interested in Lost. Men are clever like that. Or think they're clever.

  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings

    I knew it! I never forget incredibly narrow comment threads!

  • Ziva

    Like I would ever have you tattoo something dirty on your pretty skin. Well, I might, but I would probably be drunk while I did it. Or at least a little tipsy. Or in a dirty kind of mood. Actually, you're probably lucky if you come out of this without smutty tattoos all over your body.

  • Ziva

    Actually Mike, the circle of friends thing isn't a bad idea. Nicky, your tattoo could be as simple as a circle, no beginning, no end, representing your family and friends who belong to your circle of relationships. And you could add some ornamental vines intertwining with the circle. It could be very pretty.

  • Ziva

    I love Lost. About a month ago when I was done with my last classes in school, I went crazy and saw all six seasons of Lost in about 2 weeks. And Evangeline Lilly is definitely my favorite. I wish I would look like her. And like you, I guess, since you look like her.

  • I was just thinking the same thing! 🙂

  • Now we're talkin'! I'm loving these ideas!!

  • I am, indeed, THAT Canadian! And, certainly, you can borrow money. Come by and pick it up anytime.

  • The google home page logo and search area, with “work for cheese” typed in the search bar LOL! Hey, it could go right across your… oh sorry. Back?

  • LM…BackO! That's brilliant! I could be a walking advertisement for our blog! Hmmmmm…maybe I could convince Jepeto and Mike to get identical tattoos as well….

  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings

    I love that idea–vines entwined around a circle, perhaps with a Celtic motif, and a trio of something to honor your sons.

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  • I love tattoos. I have 4, and have been wanting a tree of life for about 2 years now. As soon as we get all our immigration stuff taken care of and the wedding paid for, I’m SO getting one.

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  • Vishag1

    il ike it


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