And The Winners Are…

First off, I’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone for playing! It was really interesting to see not who people chose, but why they chose them!ย After reading those reasons, I’ve come to the conclusion that we really need to expose the softer side of Jepeto. The side of him that loves wiping his butt withย fluffy white kittens and helping to shove little old ladies across busy intersections. Really, sometimes Jepeto’s manic behaviour exuberance can be a little overwhelming, but don’t be afraid! He’s completely and utterly insane harmless!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Our winners are:

The lovely and talented Jayne who was the first to guess the correct Nicky based on my impish grin! And here I thought I was being all Mona Lisa-ish!

The handsome and brilliant MikeWJ who was the first to guess the correct Mike based on his “neat hair”. Which made me laugh because I knew Mike back in the day when he could have been the lead in an 80’s hair band!

The stunning and funny Meleah who was the first to guess the correct Jepeto based on…well, based on nothing but the inate ability to spot crazy from miles away!

And our grand prize winner would be the fabulous and obviously brilliant JEN who was the first to pick out all 3 of us in one fell swoop. I’m wondering if she had an unfair advantage because she can see us from her backyard ๐Ÿ™‚

Jayne, MikeWJ, Meleah and Jen, please email us your addresses so we can send you your prizes.

BTW, just for fun, here are some pictures that were rejected from our lineups:

Congratulations to our winners and, once again, thanks for making our first contest so much fun!

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  • OMG Baby, how did I miss you? For some weird reason, I thought you were a redhead and a little older. That gorgeous little teenage waif just could not be the mama of a grown up (almost) boy! I think I got Mike right too. But wow! Jepeto looks just like Jepeto should! Since you saw my picture when i was just a baby too, and I was black haired, why am I surprised that you are? The only concern I have is that you must have had that first baby at age 12. Never mind, we Latina women mature early.

  • 00dozo

    Heh heh. I at least guessed you right, Nicky. Congrats to all the winners! Ha! The reject photos are hilarious – particularly the elephant.

    P.S. My apologies to Jepeto for thinking he was a serial killer killer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Ziva

    I'm pretty sure I would haven gotten Nicky and Jepeto right on my second guess, but no way would I have been able to pick out Mike's head, that photo totally screamed picked-from-the-internet to me. Congrats to the winners!!

  • LOL! My natural hair colour is dark brown with red highlights. My current colour is a black cherry colour, but since it was overcast the day I took the picture, you can't really see the red. I am actually 41, although I'm always being told I look much younger. I've actually been mistaken for Jake's sister and one time, his girlfriend!

  • Nicky

    Yes, you did! I'm glad you like the rejects ๐Ÿ™‚ I really didn't think I could pass myself off as a 70 yr old Pakistani woman, or Jepeto as a 90 year old man, but I did think some people would have been fooled by Mike the elephant!

  • Well, now I'll have to spill the beans about Mike's secret second job…the picture was indeed downloaded from the internet. From a site called backofheadfetishes.com. I did decide to go with one that didn't have his head wearing red frilly lingerie.

  • OMG! Jepeto is porn star guy? LMAO!!!!!!

    The glass coasters are perfect! I live in a wine-growing area. I'll e-mail you.

    Thanks, Nicky… and your impish grim is totally adorable.

  • I do think I'd ask you for an ID before I'd serve you. But that's funny about being mistaken for your son's girlfriend. I can totally see that! You look gorgeous with the dark hair! Love it!

  • mike

    That site totally ruined the back of my head's reputation. What a slut.

  • mike

    I find it interesting that more than couple of people imagined me with lighter hair. Funny what our brains do ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thank you darlin'! Jake, I must admit, did find it a little less amusing then I did ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 00dozo

    Haha – that elephant pic confused me at first – I didn't know what I was looking at. Surely Mike's butt isn't that big! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    OMG! You're only 41!?!? Hell, by the time you reach 90, you will look only 41! I'm jealous.

  • You have no idea how happy you made him with that comment, by the way! I believe his next post may even be inspired by it…


    Thanks Jayne!

  • His butt, no. His ears on the other hand…

    Ahh, don't hate me because I look like a teenage supermodel. I know, who said anything about supermodel?! My blog, my interpretation of comments) Actually, looking so young does have its drawbacks. Like when you are trying to work your way up the corporate ladder and people don't take you seriously because you look 12.

  • OMG I am on a roll! I didn't even realize there were prizes, I totally spaced that out. And, just for the record it took me a while to get over here from your announcement on my blog because I thought you were giving me an award. Seriously, I have the memory of a goldfish.

    Thank you so much, this is so exciting, I have always, always wanted a fondue set. I begged my parents to get one back in the 70's but they thought they were too messy. Cheese fondue, here I come!

    And Nicky, you look just like my cousin, it's scary actually.

  • Nicky, you aren't scary, you are adorable, it's just scary that a Canadian can look so much like one of my family members. In a good way of course. And you are right, I could tell who each of you were because I could see you from my backyard.

  • Mike, in my mind, I picture you kind of like a darker haired Matt Damon. He does not have cats either. I really thought that you should have been a touch more forthcoming with the photo. Still, choosing a head is always good.

    I was really surprised that Jepeto looked just like Jepeto should look. I had him figured for one of those spit and polish boys in the suit and tie grinning at the camera while in truth, he was not thinking of telecom or his customers, he was thinking of S&M dungeons. Personally, I like that in a guy.

  • Like we would dare to give you an award! We know better ๐Ÿ™‚

    I'm glad you are excited about the fondue set. If I may do my best “Price is Right” announcer guy voice:

    This is a fabulous 3 in 1 fondue set, perfect for cheese, meat and chocolate. You can serve friends and family a full course meal with dessert all from this one practical product!

    Ya know, I get that “you look just like ______” all the time. I guess I've just got one of those faces.

  • Nicky

    I thought that was you peeking over the fence!

  • wintergurl

    congrat to d winner

  • Yeaaa! Three of my favorite people won!!! Awesome! Love your strike outs… I needed a good laugh!

  • I'm almost upset that I know you guys because I could really use a set of glass coasters.

  • Thanks for playing wintergurl! What's your URL? I'd love to visit you sometimes…

  • WWFC – providing comedic relief since 2009!

    That'll be an awesome tag line in 2020 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • That's funny, I'm almost upset that I know you for entirely different reasons. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings.com

    Great contest idea, but I'm pissed that I didn't get all three of you right–not because I didn't win a fondue set, but because I hate being wrong, plus I was pretty sure Jepeto was either the bubble guy or the cigarette guy. In fact, if you look, you'll notice that they look sorta similar.

    I was sure you were you right away, Nicky, and I only debated Mike for about 10 seconds. Jepeto I thought and thought about. Here's the thing: Jepeto posts the least, so he was harder for me to identify. Sure, that's my excuse. I shoulda known! Fail!

    The one consolation is that I won a set of coasters. I love coasters almost as much as luggage! That's not biting sarcasm, either. I have sort of a luggage fetish. I'm always wanting to buy luggage, even though I already have a lot of luggage. Luggage is just really cool, what with all those zippers and compartments and collapsing handles and steel ball-bearing wheels. Usually I like it in black, but sometimes bright colors are nice, too, because it's easier to pick out at the airport. I like small luggage-type things, too–iPod cases, camera cases, cases for my Garmin, pencil cases, cigarette cases (like the ones Jepeto could probably use), and even cufflink cases. Sometimes I like to lie (lay?) in bed naked, surrounded by luggage and luggage cases, and then I pile them on top of my body and….


    I think I said too much.


    Anyway, coasters are also really cool. I'll be flipping through a home magazine with photos showing the hardwood floor in the living room, and my eye will go right to the unusual coasters on the side table. It's weird, I know.

    So I'll send you my e-mail address.

    Oh, by the way, do the coasters come with any kind of case or holder? Just askin'……

  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings

    Oh, stop whining. That site just ruined my marriage.

  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings

    I saw you as a darker-haired Matt Daman, too. Only naked and covered in a soft cheese, like Boursault or Camembert. I'm not sure where that came from, to be honest.

  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings

    You don't look 41. And are you sure this isn't your way of admitting that you really are Jake's girlfriend? Sometimes that's how people get things off their minds.

  • Michael, you know you may be on to something. I do have a certain thing just like Matt's. And covered in cheese, you might have difficulty telling us apart.

  • Mike, you have been in Colorado too long.

  • The coasters come in a transparent flexible plastic box. With no zippers or compartments or anything. Sorry. But at least it's transparent and flexible, so you could, say, put stuff in it that isn't necessarily “box shaped” if you know what I mean, and actually see the “stuff” inside it and what's going on with the “stuff” inside and…

    I think I've said enough. Congratulations. I'm sure you and the box will be very happy together.

  • Thank you. And I'm sure.

  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings

    Oh, REALLY? Do tell, dear Linda…..

  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings

    It's true, I have been here too long. I long to live by the sea, where the men are men and the women aren't sheep.

    Still, I had to ask the difficult question. Sometimes people clear the conscience in the oddest ways.

  • I am not telling. It's going to remain a mystery only known to me, my husbands, the fish man, the cab driver and a couple of others.

  • I'm worried because I totally understand that!

  • OMG OMG OMG OMG!! I've never won anything ever!! YAY! I'm super psyched! Hooray! Check your email.

    “my inate ability to spot crazy from miles away!”

  • Congratulations! I'm thrilled that we are your first…won contest, that is ;-). Got your email and I'll stop by the post office tomorrow!

    heheheheheh…well, I figured it went along with your impeccable taste in “girl crushes” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yipppeeeee! xoxoxooxxo

  • I have an award for you on my site, Nicky! (And for Mike and Jepeto too!)

  • Yay!

  • Yay!


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