Having Our Beer And Eating It Too

I was on a grocery run a few weeks back and decided to hit up one of the semi-independent stores for my fruits and veggies. Not only did they have excellent fruits and veggies at decent city prices, but they also had…a kick ass cheese section!

They had the usual Bries and Camemberts, local artisan cheeses, creepy zombie Blue Cheeses, and Guinness Cheddar.


Guinness Cheddar? I had to call Nicky:

“Guess where I am.”
“On the phone?”
“No! I’m at a cheese shop.”
“Oh? And?”
“You know what they have here? Do you? They have Guinness Cheddar.”
“Guinness Cheddar??”
“Yes. It looks like marble cake. We’re trying it.”
“It’s 10pm on a Sunday. We’re not trying it now.”
“Fine, how about next week?”

Guinness Cheddar is a firm Cahill‘s Irish cheddar lined with Guinness Stout, and while it’s extremely tasty and unique, it’s also a mind fuck. I kept thinking it was cake, and then I’d take a bite and my mind would remember that it’s cheese. Plus, while it is firm, this cheese breaks and crumbles along the veins of Guinness running all through it. It was also around 10$ CDN for that wedge you see there. Not cheap, but hey, it came from Ireland and it was some excellent cheese eating. Would we do it again? Hell, yeah.

We ate it with some Wheat Thins, Vegetable Thins and Rice Thins seasoned with sea salt and pepper, while sipping Coronas. It seemed odd for us to eat a stout beer cheese with wine, although we’re sure it wouldn’t be a bad thing if you prefer to drink wine with your cheese.

What's better than beer AND cheese? Beer cheese AND beer!

A little about Cahill’s: Their cheeses are 100% natural, which means no additives, no preservatives, no growth hormones, no animal rennet, and no GMO ingredients. Cahill’s also makes wine cheese as well as whiskey cheese(!). Cahill’s is located in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

Limerick? They’re located in Limerick?! Now I have to write one. I can’t resist!

There once was a cheese of Guinness
That was crafted and brewed with finesse
Our palates did sing
So we ate the whole thing
The whole wedge and each crumb, no less.

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