It’s Time To Play…

…Find The Cheese Lovers! Below are 3 sets of pictures, 5 pictures in each set. You need to find me, Mike and Jepeto in those pictures! If you are the first person to guess who I am OR who Mike is OR who Jepeto is, you win one of these lovely glass coaster sets:

If you are the first person to guess ALL 3 of us correctly, you win the grand prize – this lovely fondue set:


So, are you ready to play? You can click on the sets to enlarge them. Here you go… Nicky:


Mike is shy, so you’ll have to guess which one is the back of his head.



There you have it, folks! You have until Wednesday, June 9th to submit your guesses. We will reveal the winners on Thursday! As I stated in my previous post, this contest is open to all of our readers, regardless of your location. There is one obvious exception: you can’t be a reader who knows us in real life. Jake, that means you and your friends are out!



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