Let’s Name The Company…

Wow, what a week it’s been! We hit a hundred posts and had our crazy contest, and we doled out some awesome cheese related prizes. True, the coasters are wine related, but if you’re not having cheese with your wine, well then…well then!

So anyway, remember way back when  I mentioned the unfortunately named game or “Cornhole“? Sure you do. Well, while reading about the upcoming G20 Summit which will be held in Toronto in a few weeks, I found out that some of their security barriers are being put up by none other than the equally unfortunately named “Mammoth Erection“. That’s right.


That’s the name of the company. How did that happen? Because company names need to be approved you know. I guess Massive Erection or Huge Phallus were already taken. Why couldn’t they just call it Dave’s Scaffolding? I’m glad they use a mammoth in their logo though, just so no one gets the wrong idea. I also think it’s kind of hilarious that the words “Mammoth Erection” are now ubiquitous around the G20 site.

And whenever I look at the word ERECTION in the logo, I can’t help but wonder if its placement was intentional. You know, to hide Mr. Mammoth’s “Wooley”.

In other news, BP finally started to make progress on that nasty spill. I think. Either way, here’s some leaked footage of one of their employees hard at work. Get that spill! Get it! You can do it! Use the sandal! Use the sandal!


Man, I can watch this all day.

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