Let’s Name The Company…

Wow, what a week it’s been! We hit a hundred posts and had our crazy contest, and we doled out some awesome cheese related prizes. True, the coasters are wine related, but if you’re not having cheese with your wine, well then…well then!

So anyway, remember way back when  I mentioned the unfortunately named game or “Cornhole“? Sure you do. Well, while reading about the upcoming G20 Summit which will be held in Toronto in a few weeks, I found out that some of their security barriers are being put up by none other than the equally unfortunately named “Mammoth Erection“. That’s right.


That’s the name of the company. How did that happen? Because company names need to be approved you know. I guess Massive Erection or Huge Phallus were already taken. Why couldn’t they just call it Dave’s Scaffolding? I’m glad they use a mammoth in their logo though, just so no one gets the wrong idea. I also think it’s kind of hilarious that the words “Mammoth Erection” are now ubiquitous around the G20 site.

And whenever I look at the word ERECTION in the logo, I can’t help but wonder if its placement was intentional. You know, to hide Mr. Mammoth’s “Wooley”.

In other news, BP finally started to make progress on that nasty spill. I think. Either way, here’s some leaked footage of one of their employees hard at work. Get that spill! Get it! You can do it! Use the sandal! Use the sandal!


Man, I can watch this all day.

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  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings

    What's the tagline? We'll get it up. Way up. And it'll stay up. Guaranteed.

    Fucking Bad Petroleum. They're about as effective at plugging their leak as that poor woman with the sandal. I just met last week with a oil historian who told me that despite its carefully crafted public image as the “environmental” oil company, BP actually has a long history of being one of the worst environmental oil companies in the business. He said it was widely known that one day BP would probably do something very bad to the world.

    Oh, well. Too bad about the Gulf. I guess we'll just have to sail the six seas from now on, huh?

  • Mike, it took me the entire article, then going to get another cup of coffee before I figured out the “wooley” thing. I thought first, good Lord, is that what Canadians call a “woody”? Then I thought, how on earth does he know that is a male mammoth? Or are all mammoths male? After the 2nd cuppa, I realized the name of the beast is actually “Wooley Mammoth” and relaxed quite a bit.

    That little video clip is fascinating. You'd think they'd have better equipment than a sandal though, wouldn't you. BP may go out of business after this. At least we can hope, anyway.

  • Mike

    You know, I actually did write “woody” initially, and then it hit me that “wooley” was more appropriate. In fact, I spelled wooley wrong. It's actually spelled “woolly”, but it's too late to change it 😉

  • Mike

    Yeah, BP sucks incredibly. Too bad they're not sucking half as much oil as they should be. The more I read about them, the more accurately that little animated gif represents them. Really starting to think that this whole fiasco will bury them.

  • Woody, Woolly, Wooley, I sort of think they are all the same anyway! And I like it “your way” Mike, always have!

  • Ratty

    I think the name of that company and the placement of the word “Erection” were both very intentional. Just take a look at the grin on the mammoth's face.

  • Bwahaha. That clip is hilarious. And who names a company Mammoth Erection, and then gives out their business card with a straight face. Do they not get the innuendo?

  • You's are too funny, really. And you're right I can watch that guy all day. Congrats on your 100th post, if the next 100 are as good as the first we are all in for a fun time. Leave it to someone to name a firm MAMMOTH ERECTION.

  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings

    I'd bet money they go bankrupt. None of their assests will disappear, of course, they'll just bought by Exxon or the Standard Oil Company or whatever.

  • Mike

    Yep. I'd say he looks pretty pleased with himself!

  • Mike

    I'm trying very hard to believe that they named it intentionally. But it works. The name is unforgettable!

  • That is a great company name, much better than Bob's Scaffolding. I'd call any company that had mammoth erections, I wonder if they have that disorder where they have erections that last longer than four hours?

  • I am DYING laughing over the name MAMMOTH ERECTION. That is toooo funny.

  • Mike

    Pretty much. They'll just get re-branded and re-packaged.

  • Mike

    I certainly hope their erections last more than 4 hours cause after all, these erections are employed to protect the G20 summit. They probably charge a lot for their “manpower” too.

  • Mike

    Thanks Glenn! I'm sure there are even worse company names out there, and I want to find out what they are!

  • Mike

    The more I say it, the more ridiculous it seems to get!

  • I can't stop saying it!!!

  • Mike


  • “Leaked” footage about an oil spill? Haha. Did you do that on purpose?

    Also? There is no way (NO WAY!) there is a company called Mammoth Erection. I noticed, though, that the word “Erection” is conveniently covering the er, um, you know.

  • I LOVE that video! I sat and watched it for longer than I want to admit. Is that ok?

  • Mike

    I did the same thing, and I watch it multiple times every time I come back to comment. It’s mesmerizing!

  • Mike

    I actually didn’t intend that “leaked” pun, but thanks for pointing that out!nnIt’s completely ludicrous, but Mammoth Erection is a real company. I hear they work hard. Real hard.

  • I have an award for you on my site. Actually, it’s for you, Nicky and Jepeto.

  • Mike

    I did the same thing, and I watch it multiple times every time I come back to comment. It's mesmerizing!

  • Mike

    I actually didn't intend that “leaked” pun, but thanks for pointing that out!

    It's completely ludicrous, but Mammoth Erection is a real company. I hear they work hard. Real hard.

  • I have an award for you on my site. Actually, it's for you, Nicky and Jepeto.


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