Happy Hour, Happy Cheeseday

This week, I met with my boss for my annual performance review. The last year has been kinda tough as I fell in and out of love with the company. I’ve been alternately slacking off, having VERY short bursts of motivation, and generally getting ever more snarky with my clients.

Their verdict: My boss thinks I’m awesome (???)

My verdict: I can probably slack off for another year.


To celebrate year-end (fiscally), we had a Happy Hour get together on Thursday starting at 5pm. Considering I was working all evening, I wouldn’t be able to make it. Still, I went down to the bar for 20 minutes to say hi and have a ginger ale. Then I went back upstairs to the office.

At 7pm, a few colleagues wandered upstairs with their drinks in plastic cups. They wanted to know if I wanted a drink too.

“No thanks, I have to finish working.”
“Aw, come on! I’ll go get you something. What do you want?”
“Nothing. Maybe I’ll see you later.”

At 8:30, they came back, and this time they didn’t bother with plastic cups. Their drinks were in glass tumblers straight from the bar.

“Haha.You guys all look like Julian from The Trailer Park Boys.”
“That guy from The Trailer Park Boys who always has a drink in his hand.”
“You’re drunk. Get out of here.”
“Later, sucka.”

At 11pm they were back, this time with the Barmaid in tow. They introduced me to her.

“Nice to meet you. Who’s watching the bar?”
“Ah, that bar runs itself.”
“I’ll bet. Enjoy the tour.”
“I will. This office is swank.”
“No it isn’t. The bar sounds better.”
“Come down after. First drink is on the house.”

I finally managed to pass by the bar at 12:15 and they were still there, and by “there” I mean shit-faced. The barmaid made good on the free drink. And the next one. And the one after that. And…I sort of lost count. How the hell does this place stay in business? Anyway, what a great bar. Thank god I had the day off on friday.


Speaking of year-ends and crap, guess what else it is?

It’s WWFC’s birthday, or cheeseversary, or whatever you want to call it! Yep. WWFC has been around for 1 year as of July 16, 2010.

If you’re interested, jump back in time to our (Nicky’s) very first post.

So if your stomachs have settled from Jepeto’s last post, have a piece of your favorite cheese for us!

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  • Chinaren

    I was drunk yesterday, so I sort of celebrated incidentally for you. 😉


  • Mike, the drinks weren't free. You guys walked out without paying. You're boss will get the tab on Monday.

    Drinks are never free. They always come with a cost. Be it the hangover the next day or the crabs from the barmaid.

    And don't you usually lose count after 1 drink?

  • A Cheeseaversary. Huzzah! I would eat cheese in honor of your cheeseaversary, but yeah… I can't stop thinking about smegma and breast milk cheese. Ah well. Maybe tomorrow the pain will be gone.

  • 00dozo

    Happy Cheeseaversary!

    Glad your performance review went better than you thought! And you are awsome, cheesy, but awsome.

  • Happy Cheesaversary (or whatever).

    The Trailer Park Boys?? You're only the 2nd person I know of to ever reference them. I have them in my Netflix queue because another blogger I know (Tiggy) had a cameo in their movie and she's the moderator of their fan club site or something. But I haven't had a chance to watch it yet!

  • mikewj at toomanymornings

    What a great post, Mike. Evocative.

    I can't help but wonder why you were working so late, and why that barmaid gave you so many free drinks.

    Happy Cheesaversary to all three of you, who have helped keep me entertained and smiling through many bleak and deary days.

  • I think you work with pretty fun people. I'm glad you got to hang out and guzzle free drinks! And Happy Birthday, or Blogversary! Working is hard, but liking it is even harder.

  • Yeah, 1 drink and I’m a blathering fool. I’m a cheap drunk that way.

  • I've only seen the show 4 or 5 times, but it was actually pretty fun. Well written stuff.

  • Thanks double O! I guess I've been working on autopilot. Now if only I can master working in my sleep.

  • Yeah, it was a pretty bad image. One best forgotten.

  • Yep. Congrats, us!

  • Awesome! Not that I condone drunkenness, but thanks for celebrating with us anyway.

  • Thanks, Linda! And I think that's the best motto I've heard all year!

  • My schedule has been off lately, so working late is par for the course. I know how it sounds, but getting drinks for free is sometimes just that. I wasn't complaining 😀

    Thanks for the well wishes, BonyMike. We plan to keep on doing what we've been doing, so if it keeps you smiling, we're doing something right!

  • I usually do lose count after 1. I'm a cheap date like that.

  • And by the way Mike, Root Beer is non-alcoholic.

  • The pain is gone. I'm going to eat cheese for breakfast!

  • Enjoy! As we know, cheese is also acceptable for lunch and supper!

  • 00dozo

    Funny you should mention that – I've been blogging in my sleep lately and wake up panicked that I might have actually said (posted) things that I dreamt of.

    No, you don't wanna work in your sleep – you'll feel more exhausted and probably drive yourself to insanity unless, of course, you're already there.

  • 00dozo

    “Happy, Happy, Cheese, Cheese” (Ren and 'Stilton's' happy dance?).

  • Happy cheeseversary, here's to many more to come! Yay to you!

  • Happy Anni-Bloggy-Cheesy-versary! Here's me raising a slice of Cotswold to you.

    And congrats Mike on completely pulling the wool over their eyes. By next year you should own the place.

  • Your boss will read your blog and your evaluation next year will suck! 🙂

  • Thanks Ziva!

  • I'd say, 3/4 of the way to insanity. But yes, dreaming about work is evil, Especially when the dream is vivid. You really do feel like you've worked an extra day.

  • Now hat is a distinct possibility 😉

  • Own the place or at the very least RETIRE.

    Thanks for 'virtually' celebrating with us!

  • Good luck with that retirement thing. I'll be working till the grave — or until a very rich man with very low expectations saves my sorry size 4 ass.

  • I'm still unable to eat cheese. I can't believe you guys have only been here for a year, it seems like so much longer, in a good way of course. Happy Blogoversary!

  • ahahahahahhahahhaah!

  • Man, I need to find a bar like that here in NJ! Happy Blogoversary!

  • Thanks Jen! I can barely remember what life was like before blogging, although it likely revolved around eating cheese…hmmm

  • Thanks Meleah!

  • Congrats on the anniversary! But wtf are you doing working til midnight? That's just crazy talk.

  • I know…I know! Working until midnight is not normal, but I have to for various reasons which I won't go into now. And no, this is not overtime, so I still get to enjoy the summery days

  • You're welcome!

  • Your verdict made me laugh. Working 'til midnight while everyone else is drunkarding probably helps boost such perceptions. Congrats, friend.

  • Thanks Vange! I’ll definitely be bringing up my “loyalty” from that night at the next perf review.

  • Thanks Vange! I’ll definitely be bringing up my “loyalty” from that night at the next perf review.


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