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Please Forward This Again And Again And Again…

…because it would seem that I wasn’t clear enough the first time. I wrote this last November and decided to repost it after I got 14 emails today from people I know and who are now automatically filtered into my junk mail file. Yeah, I’m recycling. It’s hot and my brain has melted. So sue me. Courtrooms are airconditioned, right?

A boy child with H1N1 went mising from the planet after winning the Nigerian lotery.  Please sign this petition to have the United Federation of Planets of the Apes finally get off their butts to find him.

missing nigerian prince

Ok, so I have obviously exaggerated and you knew immediately that this was not a true story.  Or did you?

Regularly, I receive emails and Facebook messages letting me know about the newest virus that will crash my computer, but only after sending all my personal information to the person who created the virus in the first place.  I can’t even imagine the chaos and havoc that will ensue when the nasty hacker discovers the password to my Facebook account!  OMG, the hacker could make me a fan of scrapbooking!!!  Noooooooo…..

I am asked to help the poor, heartbroken parents of Penny Brown/Carissa Malanitch/Evan Tremblay/Ashley Flores etc. who are searching relentlessly for their poor missing children.  Amazingly, it would seem that there is a template for parents of missing children to use when posting to the net, because all of the emails/messages are worded in a near-identical fashion.  Also incredible is how all these children went missing last Saturday.  In any case, it’ll only take a moment of my time, and it could save this poor soul’s life.  After all, how would I feel if it were one of my children?  (The sender has obviously never met any of my children.  But I digress.)

And of course, there are the incessant warnings about horrible incidents that occurred to the friend of a friend of my cousin’s husband’s sister’s boyfriend’s mother’s neighbour.  You know, the one where she was driving along when an “unmarked” police car flashed sirens at her.  Smart woman that she is though, she called 911 and requested that the “police officer” be informed that she would only pull over in a well-lit area with lots of people around.  Imagine her surprise when the dispatcher informed her that the car behind her was NOT the police!!  Turns out the driver had been convicted on NUMEROUS occasions for impersonating an idiot when he was, in fact, a moron!!  Gasp!!!

C’mon people!!  If it is full of spelling mistakes, if it does not provide dates, times, locations and other real, pertinent information, if it tells you that you can make money without working, if it tells you that you have won when you never even entered a contest, then it is FAKE!!!  If you are still not sure, then check out websites like Hoax-Slayer, Snopes or

And , for the love of Cheese, stop sending it to me!!!

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