I Can’t Tell A Lie, Pa; You Know I Can’t Tell A Lie

Do you know who Mason Locke Weems is? He was also known as Parson Weems, if that helps. No? Well, he was the guy who wrote the unofficial, and somewhat creative, biography of George Washington, not so creatively named “The Life Of Washington“.

Now it would appear that Weems found George’s life to be a little…lacking. Sure, George was a successful farmer, then a successful soldier, then 1st Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, then drafter of the United States Constitution and then the 1st President of the United States of America.

I mean, really, so what if he single-handedly kicked the British army’s butt back to jolly old England so the United States of America wouldn’t be known as the United States of Her Majesty’s Summer Home? How on earth would Mister and Missus Mayflower relate?

So, Parson Weems embellished and invented, and created one of the most well-known myths ever: the famous story of the cherry tree. As he told it, George, as a boy, (or Boy George, if you prefer) received a new hatchet and immediately went outside to wreak havoc. He chopped down a cherry tree. When his dad saw the tree and was all “Boy, tell me you did not cut down the tree!” George came clean. Dad forgave him. All was well in the world. Mister and Missus Mayflower could totally relate.

Where am I going with this? Here’s the thing: I’ve always had trouble telling lies, especially when someone asks me a direct question. I may evade, or joke it off  or redirect the conversation away if I really don’t want to answer a question. Sometimes, though, a question is asked by somebody I respect and admire too much to blow off and I have to ‘fess up.

So, MikeWJ, the answer to your question is yes. And while he is very much like the persona he has created here, he is also very sweet and thoughtful and caring and funny and while it often makes me question my own sanity, I love him. Now stop being so nosy. Oh yeah, and stop putting an “e” in the word nosy!

For those of you who weren’t paying attention, you can find MikeWJ’s question here. Just follow the trail of skeletons in the comments section. 🙂

****Sidenote: For those of you who haven’t been over to read Jayne of InJaynesWorld, please take a moment to do so. She has an incredible guest post up that you really should take a look at. Thanks!

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