Miles and Kilometers

The Hand of Miles Davis by Irving PennAll summer Nicky had been asking me if I wanted to go check out the Miles Davis exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. And all summer she’s been bailing on me. This past Sunday, she didn’t cancel for a change and we went. Finally!

The exhibit was an awesome trip through the career of Miles Davis. Each room showcased the highlights of his creative output which were accompanied by the sounds of some of his most famous recordings.

Yet throughout the exhibit, I couldn’t help but be reminded of that SNL bit by Zach Galifianakis where he refers to Davis’ first name as a measurement.

So I say, “You know, in Canada, they called him Kilometers Davis.”
“Get it? Kilometers Davis?”
“I get it.”
“You know, because of the Metric System?? MILES…KILOMETERS?!”


Anyway, when exhibiting a musician, it’s tricky to include the music without it being overbearing and disjointed. So it was interesting that even though each room was playing a different piece from Miles’ career, the transition was very smooth. Walking room to room was like following a musical thread through 40’s jazz and smoothly into 70’s fusion.

There were also many album covers, photographs, and some gorgeous trumpets on display. They even had a 1970 Gibson SG six string just sitting there! I asked Nicky and her Farmville Friend to distract the guard while I took it to “get it tuned”, but they said we’d get “arrested”. Boring.

basquiat horn players 1983When they ran out of jazz paraphernalia to display, they put up a few paintings by the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, the most topical one being the Horn Players. Basquiat was well known for his Graffiti style, which Nicky said that she’d seen a similar style, if not more refined, in the art work of her 3 year old.

We laughed because, sure, anyone can paint like that!

Then while acting like the Philistines that we are, we remembered what our logo looks like here at WWFC, and suddenly we ‘got it’. Mostly.

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