Our Family Is Growing

This looks like what I sound like. Or is that this sounds like what I look like?

I bet you couldn’t tell by reading that I am feeling under the weather, could you? Nope, which is why I was compelled to write something. You see, to you, my voice may still sound like a smoky, sexy Kathleen Turner instead of a screechy, grating Roseanne. Also, because co-blogger Mike is off in his canoe somewhere, I promised I would attempt to fill the void left by his absence. So here I am, tired, feverish, possibly breathing my last rattling breath, writing to entertain you. Or at least kill a few minutes while you’re waiting for your popcorn to finish popping. Selflessness, thy name is Nicky.

Anyway, I slept away most of the afternoon and awoke to discover that all is not as it should be in my House Of Cheese. For those of you not “in the know”, my family is currently comprised of myself, my man, my 3 boys and my cat, Lola. Lola is the only other female in the house besides me. No, neither Lola nor I are knocked up. We are both females of the “fixed” persuasion.

Last week, we discovered an uninvited guest in our house. Meet Charlotte. Original, I know. What can I tell you? My kids are lucky they didn’t end up like George Foreman’s kids. Now, my dear friend Linda told a lovely story about her parents-in-law’s pet spider (and I would link to it if I could find it!) which rendered me unable to kill the little bugger.

Since she spun her web in the kitchen window, I figured it wouldn’t be so terrible to let her stay. I always leave that window open and this way Charlotte could dispose of any creepy crawlies that dared to enter. And her web was actually quite pretty. Welcome to the family Charlotte.

But this afternoon, as I said, everything changed. Charlotte, the little tramp, is considerably fatter than she was last week. Noticeably fatter. Now I’m Googling the gestational period for spiders. Linda, could you please write a post about how to deal with an impending spider infestation?

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