Time To Be Heard

Hi. Let me introduce myself. I’m Nicky. Sometimes Mike lets me post a few words here on his blog. Since he and his brain have gone fishing, I’ve decided to take over. I have domination issues.

One time, when Mike let me, I wrote about my tattoos. You can find it here, although I’m sure you won’t go look because, let’s face it, I’m not Mike.

I want another tattoo but I don’t know what to get. So I asked for suggestions. Some of you were kind enough to offer some, although you probably didn’t realize it was me and thought you were talking to Mike. That’s ok, I understand. He is, after all, a two-time winner. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for Oprah to call.

In any case, I’ve put together my interpretations of your suggestions. I’d really appreciate it if you’d cast your vote. Just pretend I’m Mike.


Update: I made some changes to #5. I think it looks better now. Thanks MikeWJ!


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