Fun At The Border

Has THIS ever happened to you?

You pull up to the American border, minding your own business, when BAM…strip search!

Maybe it didn’t happen quite like that. Maybe my responses to some of the border guard’s rapid-fire questions were a little snide. All I know is that after I told him that the car I was driving belonged to my mother, he asked me to pull over to the side and take a seat in the border office.

When the 2 militarized guards returned from violating my mother’s vehicle (have fun with that one, Google), the guard at the counter called me over and started Question Period all over again.

“Where are you going?”
“Sugarbush, Vermont.”
“Hiking with friends.”
“Whose car is this?”
“My mother’s.”
“Where’s your car?”
“I don’t own one.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t need one. I live in the city.”
“So you use mass transit.”
“Yes. Or bike.”
“See you.”

Well, everyone has a job to do. Even Homeland Security. I did make it to the mountain and hiked my legs off, which you can see in their disembodied state below.

If there’s anytime to go hiking, now is that time. The temperature is perfect, and the leaves are brilliant depending where you are. On some parts of the trail, the colors were blinding. Here’s a picture with what must be Mount Doom in the background: fall-coloursNow about the summit. It was kind of a little bit  foggy. And cold. You could stare off into the abyss, but don’t let it mesmerize you. It’s a few thousand feet to the bottom.the-abyss

Look at those hairy gams. As I write, they’re punishing me for punishing them. I can’t walk.legs-summit

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