Is It Just Me…

…or is TLC (the life channel) quickly turning into TTC (the trash channel?) with “old enemies returning” to L.A. InkAmerican Chopper’s Junior and Senior forcing you to choose “whose side are you on?”  and now, for the love of cheese, a new show called Sister Wives exposing life inside a polygamous household.

These are NOT the blushing brides from Sister Wives, but they are nearly as appealing

It’s not just me, is it?

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  • no dear. i’m afraid it’s not just you. perhaps it’s only the two of us. but i’m sick of the whole “reality tv” farce. being rewarded for bad, creepy, dysfunctional (or otherwise) behavior with a freakin’ television show is a ginormous insult to folks trying to lead decent, productive lives.i fault the millions of viewers who tune into this crap. if it wasn’t getting the ratings, the shows wouldn’t last a minute.what in the world does that say about our society? ugh!!

  • Mikewj

    I like the one in the pink bustier.

    Anyway, I was just in Utah for a few days. It’s a weird place, I must say. Much more interesting than television.

  • Mikewj

    The Amazing Race excepted. I love that show.

  • *breathes sigh of relief* thank you! I was beginning to feel like the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch this crap. Honestly, I used to like L.A. Ink for the incredible tattoo art but now it’s all about the DRAMA!

  • I don’t know, if we start making exceptions, where will it end?! 🙂

  • Really? I would have thought you’d like the one in the cowboy hat….

    What were you doing in Utah and why is it a weird place?

  • Mikewj

    The hat’s okay, but she looks a lot like Owen Wilson in drag, and I don’t find that very attractive. The rest of the group is extremely marginal, ranging from an albino in drag to a potential Satan worshipper with a Pippi Longstocking complex. Given the array of questionable choices, I opted for slutty on the off chance that she might at least be fun for a few hours before the charm wears off.

    Utah, you might recall, is the world headquarters for Mormonism and, unofficial extension, polygamous households. Although I don’t understand why their religion is considered unlawful in a country that was founded on strong principles of religious freedom and tolerance, I’m personally uncomfortable with the practice of marrying multiple women, especially when the blushing brides are as young as 13. It’s also a weird state in geographical terms, being a strange mix of mountains and desert, with some of the most incredible geological features you’ll see anywhere.

  • Mikewj

    Nowhere. Or anywhere. That’s the problem when you don’t establish black and white rules. You immediately step onto a slippery slope that potentially leads to ruination. This, I believe, is why Sarah Palin is so popular. She sees the world in monochrome, which is comforting if you’re simple minded and unable to handle technicolor.

  • Who the HELL is in the middle?! Annie Lenox? Is that a man or woman? Is that the groom?! WOW!

  • in the end, it’s always the drama that keeps ’em coming back. for example, DWTS..Bristol Palin has no more business on there than my 9-year-old son. but very few will be able to resist the Palin/Tea Party/Bristol/political spin “drama”

  • I like the one in the purple bustier and the short black hair! Yum!

  • WOW is right! I didn’t even notice him. Yikes!

  • I liked her too, at first, but then I noticed she’s wearing army boots. Then I found her much less appealing. I’m thinking she would have done much better with thigh-high boots 🙂

  • Army boots are fine with the right boobs.

  • Nicky, I am ashamed to say I do watch it. I hate it, but I watch it. Real Housewives, Next Top Model, Project Runway, Top Chef. Oh I am so ashamed. But I need to get back to see if they’re doing a Jersey Shore marathon today. Later, Babe!

  • LMAO! I didn’t mention Real Housewives for fear of being lynched! I know that for plenty of folks, these shows fall under the “guilty pleasures” category. I just don’t understand it.

  • Baby, I’m kidding. I do have CNN on most of the time, or VHI, but I
    have watched Tyra a few times and her show is the dumbest of the


  • Brookeamanda

    TLC should be renamed “The Freakshow Channel” of TFC for short b/c if you have any abnormality, deformity or are in any way living outside the norm, they will have a camera crew at your house to document it. BTW- I heart freakshows:)

  • Yes! The Freakshow Channel is PERFECT!! *Sigh* I heart freaks, but I don’t heart freakshows. Please don’t think less of me for it 🙂

  • No, it’s not just you. And tell me there aren’t a few trannies mixed in with that bunch!

  • Mikwj

    I never watch any of them, Nicky. Total trash, and I’ve got better things to do.

  • Mikewj

    It’s like picking the correct wine to go with dinner.

  • I caught a couple of minutes of Tyra once when I was on maternity leave 3 years ago…how on earth is she still on the air?!

  • I caught a couple of minutes of Tyra once when I was on maternity leave 3 years ago…how on earth is she still on the air?!

  • I expect this kind of thing from other networks, but TLC started out as the learning channel, then the life channel and now it just seems to be the loser channel.

  • I guess that will be the next “life” show – Brother & Sister Wives!!

    Actually, I should have mentioned the picture I posted is NOT the gang from Sister Wives, but just a picture of a bunch of “brides”.

  • It’s not you, TLC is just becoming crappy. I’m a fan of TLC as I like to watch travel and cooking shows. But like what you said, shows like LA Ink and Sisters Wives are just making the TLC a mess.

    Elvira’s Roundabout

  • Welcome Elvira! Like you, I used to watch the cooking and travelling shows, and I loved the home improvement shows as well. Now it just seems they’re all about weirdos and having twelve million kids and weirdos having twelve million kids!


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