Cheese In The News – Vol. 15

Favourite cheese takes top honours

trophy first second third placeTwo Cotswold food producers have won top titles at this year’s British Cheese Awards. There were almost 900 entries from 189 cheese makers which were judged by 56 cheese experts. I wonder if one of those judges wasn’t Jayne, from InJaynesWorld. Second place winner, Catherine Elliott, said she was over the moon with the runner-up title. “Support for local food producers, including the finest that the Cotswolds has to offer is central to our approach and is something we feel especially passionate about when it comes to selecting our range of cheeses.” She said she hoped the result would encourage people to rediscover the joy of cheese. While they may not be local producers to me, I wholeheartedly agree with Catherine and strongly encourage everyone to send me some Cotswold. Now.

Family fun and a heart attack…who could ask for anything more?

The menu for the 2010 N.C. State Fair included a Krispy Kreme hamburger, which is a burger between two glazed doughnuts. Cheese and bacon are optional.  So is Lipitor. There are also Koolickles, pickles soaked in a combination of the Kool-Aid and pickle brine. On the off-chance your heart is still pumping after that, deep-fried honey buns, Chips Ahoy cookies, chocolate pie, Frito pie and bacon and cheese mashed potato bites are also available.  Apparently, sales of the $6 Krispy Kreme sandwich were brisk, even as passersby uttered the word “gross” at regular intervals.  Really? I can’t imagine why. After all, a worker in the grille explained to them that the state fair is a time to experiment with unique foods. “It’s the state fair,” he said. “You’ve got to try some foods outside of your comfort zone.” Hey, as long as you’re not outside a hospital zone, why not?

That must be one hell of a grilled cheese sandwich

classic grilled cheese sandwichA 65-year-old Florida grandmother offered to make the deputy who pulled her over a grilled cheese sandwich *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* in exchange for getting out of a ticket, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.  Elsie Wright O’Conner was pulled over after a deputy noticed she was driving erratically. The deputy found an empty bottle of vodka, a second half-empty bottle of vodka, a cup and some orange juice in O’Conner’s vehicle. O’Conner’s plea? “Come on now, I’m a grandma, can’t you do something for me since I’m not that bad. I could have brought you back to my house and made you a grilled cheese sandwich.” I don’t even want to know what that is a euphemism for. Authorities said the woman’s blood alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit. O’Conner was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and the obscene misuse of grilled cheese.

I’d really like to see his Facebook status update

Remember the cheese thief with the great name, Harley Davidson Ironwing? Remember, he attempted to steal some string cheese, was chased by an employee, and knocked over and injured an 85-year-old man? He was arrested for accidental assault and practicing stupidity without a license  in June, but pleaded guilty this month to the charges. Ironwing has been sentenced to 18 months in jail and has had his organ donor card revoked.


Because it wouldn’t be Cheese In The News without my favourite franchise
Part One:

Florida sheriff’s deputies arrested a mother, daughter and friend at Chuck E. Cheese’s Sunday night after other customers complained about them cursing and disturbing other guests. Shavonna Duff, 32, was arrested on charges of trespassing as well as obstruction and battery on a law enforcement officer, while her 15-year-old daughter, Miracle, also faces a felony charge of battery and not living up to her name. Duff got into an argument with the manager, Miracle interfered while a deputy made several attempts to get handcuffs on Duff and when he finally did, Miracle grabbed her mother’s leg and refused to let go. She was then arrested, deputies said. Not wanting to be left out, the teen boy with the Duffs refused orders to go back inside and kicked a trash can toward some kids. What is it with teens and trash cans? No one was hurt during the incident, although I found their stupidity painful. The boy was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct. A case of “just another day at the office” for this particular Chuck’s, records show there have been service calls from this store at least once every month in the past year. Calls to the Sheriff’s Office mostly include service for fights, assault, battery and other disturbances. In May, 12 calls were made for service, including three in one day for a fight in progress. Ahhh, good times.

Part Two:

A California man was wounded in shooting at Torrance Chuck E. Cheese in what police believe to be a gang-related fight.  The shooting was reported at 7:40 p.m. in order to give witnesses enough time to use their cell phones to video the shooting and upload it to YouTube. Arriving officers found the victim shot “numerous times in the upper torso” and about 200 people milling around, although they all “drove away in multiple directions,” when they suddenly remembered that thing they had planned with that guy at that place. Police find it unclear why the men were in the parking lot. “It is not a place you would associate as dangerous, it is a place for families and kids,” said  Sgt. Jeremiah Hart, who is obviously not a regular reader of WWFC.

Part Three

A 28-year-old Massachusetts man was shot at twice during a fight outside the Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant. The incident happened when a 19-year-old woman accused the victim of stealing her cell phone, a crime punishable by death in some states. Police said the woman had apparently left her cell phone near an electronic game, saw the victim playing the game and accused him of stealing it.  The victim, who was at the restaurant with his family to celebrate his young son’s birthday, denied the theft. Because nobody who would steal a cell phone would ever lie about it.  He left the eatery to smoke a cigarette and was jumped by four suspects. At some point during the scuffle a cell phone dropped from the victim’s pocket, but police believe the cell phone may have then been picked up by a bystander. Uh huh. The 19-year woman with the missing cell phone told police she did not know the assailants. Of course she didn’t. Local resident Michael F. Ferzoco, said he was surprised to here that a shooting had occurred just outside the family restaurant. I know I was shocked.

Does Chuck E. Cheese own this place too?

Federal authorities say they’ve seized all the cheese from a Washington creamery after the company refused to recall items contaminated with listeria. U.S. marshals seized the cheese this month from the Estrella Family Creamery. Tests by the Washington State Department of Agriculture early this year came back positive for listeria and the creamery recalled several cheeses in the spring. However, when follow-up tests in August found the bacteria remained, the creamery refused to recall all of its cheeses. The company says the seizure could put it out of business. And dead bodies wouldn’t? That said, McCarthy and DeLaurenti cheese-buyer Connie Rizzo is not happy to have to ditch the product. The FDA “pulled every single cheese they make,” Rizzo said . “Not the ones that are suspect. They’ve closed their business down — and that’s unfair.” If the dead could speak, I’m not sure they would agree.

Cheese power

Wisconsin’s cars of the very-near future will run on, what else?, cheese. DuBay Biofuels received about $2 million to establish a renewable energy facility in Greenwood. The facility will process whey permeate, a waste product from cheese production, to create ethanol fuel and dry yeast, which is used to feed cattle.  Besides creating new jobs, the company leaders say the process generates clean, renewable energy which will have little effect on the land or environment. I think this is very cool, but I must admit I’m a little worried our future will look like this:

Hope everyone had a fun, safe Halloween!

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  • Any time I go to Chuck E. Cheese I have to fight the urge to fall into a seizure — too much stimulation! But now I have an out — it’s dangerous at Chuck E. Cheese. There’s gang violence and teens kicking trash cans.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • This totally confirms my theory; cheese is the source of all evil in the world. Listeria, incredibly gross hambugers, bribery by grilled cheese, stupidity by string cheese, horribly ugly cars, and above all, Chuck E. Cheese, which is positively dangerous, no one should ever be allowed to bring kids there. Someone needs to stop the cheese!

  • I simply would not take a drug dealer, a gang member, or a serial killer seriously if they hang out anywhere close to a chuck e cheese. They don’t even use cheese in that place. The use something called “cheese product”. WTF? Nasty business! And what’s with people and their donut hamburger. Ugh! People can be nasty Nicky, but not you and not me (or Ziva for that matter). The others, I’m not so sure.

  • I don’t think that cheesecar runs on that new cheese fuel – it looks more like it’s running on cat power. Exactly what is that cat doing to that car anyway??

  • G Van Der Feltz

    The Hague, 1 november 2010
    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Re: A safe remedy against Listeria contamination

    Last week I read that another company was contaminated with Listeria. They had to recall a great lot of good cheese which was already in the shops. I hope that their recall was in time and consumers did not eat the cheese and got the killing Listeriosis.

    I am writing to you because I am a former subject to Listeriosis. Luckily I had a strong imune system so I did not die of it but I was very, very sick!

    I gather you do not know of the remedy called Listex P 100. Listex is a safe remedy made by a Dutch firm called EBI Food safety or Micreos Food safety. Listex P 100 is approved as safe by the American Drug and Food Administration, and also by the Canadian authorities and many other countries. It is a cheap remedy! Yes much cheaper then destructing a great lot of good food and the of cause the bad name the company gets in the branch. A great amount of advertising money through the drain! Above that a lot of investing to save their turnover!

    Listex is made by a fast growing company in Wageningen, Netherlands. Site: . In my view it is worth while to contact EBI Foodsafety. They are working worldwide. On the site you will see how it works.

    It is also good for the company to use Listex, because Listex is a cheap and approved remedy against Listeria monocytogene and every food producer can use it. If the company does not use it their liability can easily be proved in court. Listex is very well known in the food branch. The company never can say “I did not know…”. Not using Listex is in my view a serious example of neglect and makes a strong case in court.
    Many deaths in Canada and even more in the USA should be a warning!

    Listex was offered the gold medal of the Food Industry Innovation.

    Contacting can mean the salvage of your company. And also can save many deaths and sick like me!

    To be precise: I am NOT on the pay list of EBI Foodsafety, I am just working to ban out the Listeria bacteria. I do not want other people suffer from Listeriose like I did.

    Gustaaf van der Feltz

  • Anonymous

    That’s a lot of stories about cheese. No wonder I can’t go to the bathroom for 2 days after I read your blog. Or maybe it was those Double-Downs yesterday from KFC.

    By the way, what’s with your friend Van Der Feltz?

  • Jepeto

    Thank god there is a car

  • Jepeto

    Dear automated responder. Let me express my sincere condoleances for your sickness. You are indeed sickening. So not using Listex is a serious neglect and makes a strong case in court, in your view. In my view, why don’t you go…um, let me compose myself. La Hague? You come from La Hague? Excellent! There is an International Court there. I am sure they would be pleased to ear your case. Ta-ta now.

  • Jepeto

    To ear or not to ear, dat iz ze question. Everytime i heard a chick yell I LOST MY EARING! i thought she was going deaf. My mistake. Smb.

  • I can’t get over the burger between two glazed doughnuts. That’s almost as CRAZY as anything that happens in or near a Chuck E. Cheese!

    I am tempted to give that 65 year old gramma props for creativity on trying to get out of a DUI. But that’s just wrong!

  • Did someone across the blogosphere say Cotswold? I would have loved to have been a judge at that tasting.

    The violence at Chuck E. Cheese doesn’t scare me, but I’ll be having nightmares about that Krispi Kreme hamburger.

  • Exactly! It’s all fun and games kicking trash cans around, until someone pulls out a gun and shoots ya dead 🙂

    You’re welcome.

  • Silly Ziva, everyone knows the Finns are the source of all the evil in the world! That’s why I want to move there 🙂

    Nobody can stop cheese. Mwahahahahaha!

  • I guess even drug dealer, gang member and serial killers have to bring their kids someplace!

    Cheese product is an abomination!

    Donut hamburgers are an abomination!

    I’m sorry to say, sweet thing, I do have a slightly nasty streak. 🙂

  • Don’t. Ask. 🙂

  • October was a very busy month for cheese, it’s true. Oh, and it is definitely the Double-Downs!

    Don’t mind Van. He sometimes get listerical.

  • Isn’t it crazy?! And I couldn’t get over the employee trying to tell people to be open to “unique” foods! It’s not unique, it’s GROSS!

    I actually kind of admired her spunk too 🙂

  • Heheh! I thought you would find that piece interesting 🙂 I wonder how one goes about becoming a cheese expert?

    So maybe I shouldn’t mention the scary “what if” scenario of CEC selling Krispi Kreme burgers?

  • Its REALLY gross!

  • Wow, imagine if grandma said that after the cheese sandwich, he could mow her lawn!

  • Mikewj

    When I was in college, a 65-year-old woman once “made me a grilled-cheese sandwich.” I’ll never forget that night. The taste of hot-buttered bread still lingers on my lips. And hers.

    P.S. My aunt owns a 375-year-old cottage in the Cotswalds. What say we all head over there and demand some cheese?

  • Mikewj

    Don’t knock it until you try it, girls. If you like donuts and burgers, why not combine them? Hell, why not throw in a “grilled-cheese sandwich,” too? Live a little.

  • Mikewj

    Hey, I think it’s significant that he’s not on the pay of EBI Foodsafety. Talk about credibility.

  • Mikewj

    If Ziva hates cheese, how in the world did she find your blog?

  • Jepeto

    Easy. She googled smegma. She’s a fan o’mine.

  • Great. Now I’ll never forget that night too. The sour taste of too much information now lingers on my lips. Thanks dude.

    Seriously? That is awesome, count us in! Have you been there before?

  • LMAO! Great, now I have images of grandma offering to let him “mow her lawn” as well as “sharing grilled cheese” with BonyMike! You guys are killing me!! 🙂

  • I’m just afraid “living a little” will lead to “dying a lot”! And painfully!!

  • He did write it on the Internet, so you know it’s true!

  • KZ

    I was enjoying the seemingly lighthearted tone of this post when, all of a sudden, things got very real very fast with the stories about people being shot at various Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants. Oh my. I thought cheese was one of those things that brought people together.

  • Cheese does, indeed, bring people together. The problem with Chuck’s is that the only cheese is in the name.

  • I do love doughnuts and I live for cheeseburgers. But I cant imagine
    combining them would taste good?!

  • that burger sure IS scary Jayne!

  • Ahahahahhhah!

  • OK, so this world is so crazy, I don’t know if that dude getting his organ donor card revoked is real or not, but you got me thinking and I guess that’s the important thing.

    And OMG – I SO want to be a cheese taster.

  • Mikewj

    Yes, and it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. Like Hobbittown, except the houses and people are taller. Mostly. The light there is different, much as it is in New Mexico and southern Colorado. We seriously ought to charter a plane and all go.

  • Mikewj

    It is hard to imagine. But we eat a lot of sweet and spicy or sweet and bitter foods. So maybe. What I’d hate about it is getting my hands all sticky picking up the donut buns. I don’t having sticky hands. You should see me around honey. I’m almost paranoid that it’s going to get on my hands and then spread to my face and the rest of my body. And it does. Unless you’re a Post-It, sticky is bad.

  • Sticky is always bad!

  • Nope, I made up the part about the organ donor card, but doesn’t that just seem like something they should do?

    Wouldn’t that be the most awesome job ever?

  • Again, I am SO in! I think, though, that we might have to invest in some serious Ambien for Jayne. She’s not keen on flying.

    Hihihi, I just had this image of Jayne as Mr. T in the A-Team! I seriously need a vacation!

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