Grilled Cheese Heaven

I was born with the innate ability to detect cheese within a radius of 10km, so when I heard about a local restaurant specializing in Grilled Cheese creations, I knew we had to go!

The place is Fromaĝo, and they’ve been open for just under a year. I quickly rounded up Nicky, Jepeto and Sue, and we took a drive down to Fromago’s cozy snack bar.

We were all pretty hungry, with Nicky on the verge of passing out, so we ordered a Tapas style entrée of amuse bouches, which translates almost literally as “mouth entertainment”.  While we decided on which grilled cheese sandwiches to order, we finished off the dish of  lamb meatballs, hummus and pitas, along with fresh mushrooms wrapped in thin zucchini slices. The star of the plate was definitely the tender meatballs which were the perfect comfort food for an October night. Next to grilled cheese that is!

We decided to order 4 different sandwiches, and our host Vincent was more than accommodating in having each sandwich cut into quarters so that we could sample each one.


Bite sized goodness!

First up was the Porko, a whole wheat sandwich with roast pork, grilled veggies topped with Douanier. Douanier is a soft cheese, which complimented the roast pork perfectly. It’s mild too, so you can still savor the pork, without the cheese stealing the show entirely.

Now if you’ve never had a grilled cheese sandwich made with goat cheese, you’ll have to try making one yourself, or go to Fromago and try the Kapro. Goat cheese, grilled vegetables and tomato concasse were meant to be together. It may not sound like much in words, but trust me on this one: It was awesome.

My personal favorite was the Kokajo. Fin Renard, a cheese that I wasn’t very familiar with before our visit to Fromago, is so good, so flavorful, and so perfect when coupled with bacon. It was melt-a-licious, but also bacon-a-licious. Smoky and nutty without an overpowering aftertaste. Pure cheesy bacony goodness.


Apple Pie Sandwich?

We all saved the blue cheese/roast beef/onion confit sandwich for last, figuring it would be the most flavorful. We weren’t disappointed, but we were full. However, not too full for dessert, so we shared one more grilled cheese: baked apples and melted Brie lightly topped with icing sugar. Heavenly.

And because we just couldn’t resist, me and Sue shared a Quebec delicacy: Pouding Chomeur, literally “unemployed pudding”. Imagine you’ve hit hard times, and all you have to eat is brown sugar, maple syrup and some bread. Mix it together, and you’ve got one tasty sweet dessert. Check out the Wikipedia entry for more info.

My pics may not do these culinary delights justice, so head on over to Fromago’s Facebook page and see for yourself.

3341 Wellington
Montreal, QC, H4G 1T2


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